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NFL Playoff Picture: Postseason taking shape after Week 12 results

Here’s how things look for the playoffs and where the LA Rams sit.

Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams’ got a huge win in Week 12 downing the New Orleans Saints, 26-20.

Now at 8-3 and assured of their best season in a decade, the Rams are riding high as they begin to make their playoff push. Here’s how things look on the playoff seeding front:

2017 NFC Standings after Week 12
2017 NFC Standings after Week 12

(For the purposes of expediency, I’ve cut out the four NFC teams with less than five wins at this point: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7), Chicago Bears (3-8), New York Giants (2-9), San Francisco (1-10))


Currently seeded

1.) Philadelphia Eagles: 10-1

The NFC East leaders ran the Chicago Bears ragged yesterday, 31-3. Their next two weeks will be what defines their playoff push with a two-game NFC West road swing against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 13 before coming to LA in Week 14.

2.) Minnesota Vikings: 9-2

QB Case Keenum and company picked up a huge win on Thanksgiving on the road against the Detroit Lions. The big Week 11 clash between the Vikings and the Rams could be the difference between a bye and a wild card appearance...for both. They’re riding their seven-game winning streak into an NFC South road trip against the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers over the next two weeks.

3.) Los Angeles Rams: 8-3

We are 8-3. Good gravy.

With yesterday’s win, we have the head-to-head win over Nola which, much like the loss to Minny, could be a huge factor in the final playoff standings. And the Saints’ Week 3 win over the Panthers is a similar H2H divider that should benefit the Rams should we be locked in a tiebreaker with the NFC South entrants.

4.) New Orleans Saints: 8-3

The NFC South is gonna be a hot one over the final five games. Stay tuned.

5.) Carolina Panthers: 8-3

The NFC South is gonna be a hot one over the final five games. Stay tuned.

6.) Atlanta Falcons: 7-4

The NFC South is gonna be a hot one over the final five games. Stay tuned. Like, stay really tuned.

Right now, Atlanta makes the cut over the Seahawks thanks to ATL’s three-point road win in Week 11.

In the hunt

7.) Seattle Seahawks: 7-4

Seattle’s next four weeks: v. PHI, @ JAX, v. LAR, @ DAL.

If they get back over the hump, they’ll have earned it.

8.) Detroit Lions: 6-5

The loss on Thursday really hurts, especially since they’re hitting the road for the next two weeks against the Baltimore Ravens and the Bucs.

Desperation time

9.) Green Bay Packers: 5-6
10.) Dallas Cowboys: 5-6
11.) Washington Five-Game Winners: 5-6
12.) Arizona Cardinals: 5-6

These teams are likely looking at winning out to sincerely get back in the mix barring some unforeseen losses from the six teams above the line. All of them except for Arizona have three road games left on their schedule among the final five contests. Had Zona not pulled off a minor miracle win on Sunday over the Jacksonville Jaguars as time expired (practically), they wouldn’t have even made this cut.

The stakes are higher. The schedule from here on out is fraught with peril. Two of those five-win teams will face each other on Thursday Night Football in Washington and Dallas meaning one of them will effectively end the others’ 2017 season and push them fully into 2018 NFL Draft prep mode. Sunday Night will see the Eagles and Seahawks take center stage. Oh, and the AFC is a hot mess that needs to get sorted out too.

The playoff push is here, and now after Week 12, the playoff picture is coming into view.