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Week 12 Scouting Report: Rams - Saints Square Off

This week the Los Angeles Rams face off against New Orleans Saints, in what should be a game of fireworks.

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

This week, when the Los Angeles Rams play the New Orleans Saints, we get to see two high powered offenses against two weakened defenses. Until this point, the Rams have been mostly healthy throughout the season, but this week they have some injury battles to get over. The Saints are in the same boat, as the official injury report shows they'll be missing both starting corners.

Due to both teams having multiple injuries in the secondary and both teams having excellent pass attacks offensively, this game could be full of fireworks. Not only do both teams have excellent pass games, but both have unbelievably good run games. However, the Saints might have the best rushing attack in the NFL. To make the odds of this being a really high scoring shootout increase exponentially, neither team has been that effective at stopping the run all year — even before the injuries to their respective secondaries.

Offensively, we have the Saints third ranked offense in PPG (30.2) against the Rams second ranked PPG slot (30.3). The Saints, however, are first in YPG and its not even close. Ripping off an astonishing 415 yards a game, the Rams trail by 40 YPG in fifth place at 375. New Orleans has the second ranked pass attack (271.7 YPG), and the third ranked run game (144 YPG). Make no mistake about it, this game will be the hardest challenge for the Rams all year. Especially if this shootout is as high scoring as it has the potential to be.

Defensively, both teams have been solid. The Rams are ranked seventh in PPG allowed at 18.7, and New Orleans are nineth at 19.7. The Saints best the rams in YPG allowed thirteenth (326.7) to fifteenth (335). Both teams pass defense has been top ten for most of the year as they rank nineth and tenth, respectively. But as mentioned before, the run defense has been problematic all year.

It is hard to envision a low scoring game. It's even hard to see it being about average where both teams score in the 20s. No, this game has a legitimate chance to be a game where 100 combined points are scored. Turnovers will be the key. The team that can figure out a way to steal the ball a few times will win. My bold prediciton is the first team to force three turnovers wins.

I see this being about a 43-38 game in favor of either team. The team that can play keep away the best, by putting together long drives and taking the ball away, wins.