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Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints bold predictions: Game of the year

Hopefully the LA Coliseum has an extra supply of fireworks, but this Sunday’s game is going be a festival of touchdowns.

NFL: Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

So, this morning I turned in my “normal Los Angeles Rams fan prediction” for this Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints and I wrote that it was going to be a close, yet high-score affair with the Rams winning, 42-38. I honestly think that these two offenses are too strong to be kept under 20 points each. That being said, my bold prediction is that the Rams will win by twenty points — 51-24. How?

Let’s get bold.

Cooper Kupp is going to have a day, but this time in a good way

The guy has to be feeling all sorts of emotions after the loss in Minnesota and being the competitor that I think he is, Kupp is going to make things right on the field. I see Kupp breaking some big plays wide open with some major yards after the catch -- something that he’s due for.

The Rams defense will shore up and limit the Saints running attack

Guys like Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers have been hearing all week that they have been weak on the run and probably more buzz about the Saints two-headed monster, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, in the run game. Mark Barron will factor in big time in stopping 3rd down conversions deep in the game. And even a more bold prediction? The Rams will start out strong and continue a solid defensive stand the entire game (no more first drive meltdowns).

Jared Goff will throw for 400 yards

A lot of emotion will be running through this team as this will be a huge statement game for the Rams with a national audience watching. Goff is going to be slinging bombs all game with WR Sammy Watkins and WR Josh Reynolds each taking deep balls to the house.

150 all-purpose yards for Tavon Austin

Everyone will eat!

Here’s the deal: the Rams are going to give up some points, but they are going to score more in what will be the most exciting game of the year for the Rams.