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Why I’m thankful to be a Los Angeles Rams fan

It’s a day for thanks, an obvious one in 2017.

Turkeys Roam On California Farm Ahead Of The Holiday Season Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, TSTers.

We’ve got a really easy theme week installment this week to coincide with today: Why I’m thankful.

There are other fan bases digging deep, trying to find reasons to be thankful in a season amid controversy or dysfunction or straight up drama. Others have to dig deep to find something more sincere for franchises who have enjoyed success for long stretches that span a full era, a generation of fans who have only known one dynamic.

For Los Angeles Rams fans? There’s nothing easier than giving thanks in 2017.

There’s a line I’ve often repeated these last two years. It’s the simple fact that Turf Show Times is the only SB Nation site to have never covered a winning season. Even Dawgs By Nature, our community for Cleveland Browns fans, had the 2007 season in which the Browns won 10 games.

Now at 7-3 on the back of an incredibly young coach and a remade roster, the 2017 Rams look ready to end a 13-season streak without a winning record.

Being thankful for Rams fans is easy this year. Being ready for where it goes? Yeah, let’s leave that for December.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer some public thanks for my staff. I got the best crew out of anyone at SBN. So a shout out to my dudes from Team TST, yes, even Brandon.

Happy Thanksgiving, TST!