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Los Angeles Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings: Highlight/lowlight magnify rookie mistakes

A rookie WR who was been very productive for the Rams takes the lowlight of the day for the Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Week 11 of the NFL season just didn’t bode well for the Los Angeles Rams, who headed to Minnesota to face the Vikings in a match-up of two 7-2 teams. For a game that was 7-7 for three quarters, it was quite shocking to see the final result finish at 24-7 for the Vikings. Regardless, the Rams (and the Vikings) had both positive and negative plays in the game. Let’s take a look at which is the highlight and the lowlight of the game.


No doubt this is the lowlight of the day. At this point, the Rams were about to take the lead in the game. At worst they had a guaranteed three points, and likely would have been up 14-7. That would have totally changed the entire scope of the game, though unfortunately for Cooper Kupp he simply had a defender come from the back and make the chop on the arm with the ball. Sadly it slipped out and was an easy recovery for the Vikings. This isn’t so much a fault for Kupp as much as a great play by a Vikings defense, but nonetheless, this was a huge momentum shift and ultimately signaled the end of a decent start for the offense.


Shamefully, I had to pick the lone score for the Rams as the highlight of the day. There were some other potential options (20+ yard pass plays) but they never materialized into anything, so the TD run by Todd Gurley gets the nod. This was a great effort by the RB, where he just uses his will and sheer power to keep driving his legs and eventually crack the goal-line. Also, the offensive line did a great job run blocking for this first drive.