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Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings bold predictions: A very special teams unit

Facing one of the strongest defenses of the year, the Rams will get another W just like they did in Jacksonville... with their special teams play.

Houston Texans v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I’ll admit it. I’m at a loss with these bold predictions. I paid some guy from the comments section of a Reddit thread 600 bucks to travel to the future in order to get all the details of the Los Angeles Rams games this season. Now I’m feeling like it was bad info. Was he lying to me? Did he spend the money on a very troubling amount of Double Whoppers and Monster Energy drinks and not on his time travel expenses? I’m beginning to wonder.

Maybe I’m doing this all wrong. Instead of putting my goodwill in the hands of online grifters, I should just trust my instincts as a Rams fan. So, without being bold for a second (and just for a second, I promise), I feel like McBae is going implement the same game plan that worked in Jacksonville — trust the run, limit the risky throws, and get some big plays from special teams. Coach Bones for President!

However, Jared Goff’s connection with Robert Woods is so great that they’re one week away from posing for pictures with their backs to each other as they point their thumbs behind them with a “this guy!” expression. Yet, predicting a strong game for Goff and Woods is starting to feel like an ice cold take. What else could happen on Sunday?

Let’s get bold.

McBae’s game plan will showcase Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett

It’s been teased all through the offseason and hoped for during the regular season games, but we have yet to see both tight ends on the field together wreaking havoc throughout the game. Yes, both Higbee and Everett have had their moments this season, but I predict that Goff will target both tight ends at least 10 times each, taking advantage of Minnesota’s coverage that will most likely be trying to prevent Woods and Sammy Watkins from breaking the game wide open.

So, rather than being the third or fourth read on a passing play, look for the two young tight ends to be primary targets in what I predict to be an effective compliment to Todd Gurley’s running game. Higbee and Young Gerald will both end up with 100+ yards receiving.

Johnny Hekker will throw a pass for a touchdown

What are the odds of this happening? Very low. What are the odds that I’ll be super obnoxious next week if it DOES happen? Sky’s the limit. And while we’re at it, I also predict that Cory Littleton will do something awesome on a special teams play. Which is sounding less and less like a “hot take” as the weeks go on. Good for him.

Huge day for Tyrunn Walker

The defense is a little banged up this week, but that means their depth will become apparent once again, giving guys like DE Tyrunn Walker a chance to cause some major distruption. I see Walker getting to QB Case Keenum often, ringing up two sacks and several deflections.

Case Keenum will start strong, but will be shut down in the second half

If the Rams are going to give up points, it’s usually in the first half. So, Case Keenum obviously has a reason to play well on Sunday, but the Rams’ defense also knows this QB very well and don’t want to get shown up on the road. There’s going to be a lot of pride on the line when Case takes the field. I predict that the Rams will essentially handle his passing attack, keeping Keenum to under 200 yards.

Lance Dunbar will surprise with 65 yards rushing (Gurley will get 80)

I think that Minnesota is going to key in on Gurley’s rushing attack, which will open the door for the Rams to try different ways to run the rock. Lance Dunbar could thrive in situations where the Vikings are thinking pass because Gurley isn’t on the field.

This game is going to be close after the 1st quarter, a blowout by the 3rd quarter, and a ten point game when it’s over. This is a tough game to predict because both teams are famously tough on defense and surprising on offense. And so much is on the line for both teams. However, the Rams have been aces on the road and they have their amazing special teams unit on their side... which is basically saying that the Rams will get lucky again. But sometimes a great football team makes it seem like it’s luck and it’s really just destiny.

Rams win — 27-17