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Los Angeles Rams vs. Houston Texans: Highlight/lowlight show WR Robert Woods still running

The biggest play of the day essentially put the game out of place for the Texans. Take a look!

Houston Texans v Los Angeles Ram Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

For what seems like a weekly ritual for the Los Angeles Rams at this point, another week passed, and it was another win for the Sean McVay-led Rams. At this point, entering “murderers row” on the schedule, the Rams sit currently sit at the top of NFC West with a 7-2 record.


Another week where the Rams defense puts together quite a great performance, there was only one play that comes to mind when thinking of the “lowlight”. Here is the 26-yard TD by WR Bruce Ellington.

As Ellington makes his pre-snap motion across the right side of the formation to the left in a trips bunch, the Rams (Mark Barron) are seen having trouble with some communication issues. Ultimately, Ellington runs a texas route, on which John Johnson takes an awful angle to cover. It leads to a wide open TD for Ellington, right through the middle of the defense.


This one was relatively easy, too. For an offense that was struggling mightily up until this point, the start of the 3rd quarter was quite a revelation for the Rams. Not only did they finally become effective, they absolutely blew the game out of the water in that quarter. The play that set it all off? The 94-yard heave to an open Robert Woods for a TD.

The Rams offensive line does a relatively good job on this play. Initially, RT Rob Havenstein missed with his punch on Clowney, but recovered with a great “slingshot” block which may look like a hold, but doesn’t get called. Todd Gurley also picks up a terrific block to the next of LT Andrew Whitworth. Goff works the play action fake effectively, and as stated by Goff in his postgame press conference, the Rams had Robert Woods running a double-move (post) against quarters coverage, which Woods simply burned. For a guy who couldn’t find his TD as a Ram a few weeks ago, he’s got four in the past two games.