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Random Ramsdom 11/13: Another Win, Another Step

Another big win has the Rams sitting at 7-2 on the season

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Houston Texans v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Aaron Donald postgame interview | The Los Angeles Rams official site

The star DE talks about the strong defensive performances, how it feels to be 7-2, believing in the offense, and getting in Tom Savage’s head

Alec Ogletree postgame interview | The Rams’ official site

Tree talks about the teams halftime adjustments, the defense’s confidence, not being surprised by the offense’s potential, and bringing the pressure

Jared Goff postgame interview | The Rams’ official site

The QB talks about the slow start in the game, how the team is trusting each other and playing with confidence and momentum

Sean McVay postgame interview | The Rams’ official site

Coach McVay gives an injury update, taking the blame for the first half blunders, and Jared Goff being mentally tough and un-fazed

Robert Woods postgame interview | The Rams’ official site

Woods talks about his long TD, gets a little ass-slap from QB Jared Goff, and the defense’s performance

Sammy Watkins postgame interview | The Rams’ official site

Sammy talks about his TD and how Andrew Whitworth cleared the way, and talks about the unselfish attitude and chemistry between the WR’s

Michael Brockers postgame interview | The Rams’ official site

Brock mentions playing against his hometown Texans, the DL’s strong performance and depth, and the defense stepping up while the offense lacked

Sean McVay locker room speech | The Rams’ official site

Listen to Coach McVay break the boys down

Rams vs Texans highlights | The Rams’ official site

VIDEO: Relive some of the best plays of the day

Re-Focused: LA Rams - Houston Texans | PFF

Take a look at grades for multiple Rams players, as well as PFF’s game ball