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Los Angeles Rams 33, Houston Texans 7: It’s all clicking

The Rams won today, but not because of what took place on the field. They won because the team fixed what was wrong off the field.

Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams
Houston Texans at Los Angeles Rams
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I’ve seen a lot of panic among Rams fans in this one, which is some #6and2bullshit. The Rams are ahead at the break in a game that they struggled to get anything going on the line. That’s a testament to both their defensive play but also their mental readiness. It would have been very easy for things to get much worse on offense and to see an internal collapse.

It didn’t come. That perhaps more than anything is indicative of a team that has its ish together. A team that’s playing for each other and playing for their coach and battling through some poor play.

A team that might well get this figured out in this half.

At halftime, the Los Angeles Rams found themselves in a morass against the Houston Texans, stuck in a rut unable to do anything on offense due to poor offensive line play and struggling to shut down the Texans’ offense effectively due to poor defensive line play.

At halftime, the Rams got it fixed.

Credit who you want. Coaches? Obviously. Veteran players/team leaders? Of course. Everybody? Make sense.

It’s all clicking. And it’s more than just Rams Head Coach Sean McVay. It’s his coaching staff. It’s players like LT Andrew Whitworth and C John Sullivan. It’s players like reserve OL Austin Blythe.

It’s all clicking.

So on the way out of this one instead of just focusing on what I said at halftime, I’ll echo my thoughts pre-game:

Today isn't one of those challenges. Today is the return of the Los Angeles Rams to LA, a return that should be heralded for the success Head Coach Sean McVay has led the Rams out to in their 6-2 start.

Today is a game to celebrate what has come before and what lies ahead.

Today is a day for a Rams victory.

The Rams as a whole have gotten right off the field. And that’s helping things on the field, even on days like today when the technical aspects aren’t working right early on.

The Rams are ready for the challenges ahead. Because it’s all clicking.