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Los Angeles Rams vs. Houston Texans: Week 10 Scouting Report

The Houston Texans will travel to Los Angeles to take on the Rams. Here's how they stack up on paper

St Louis Rams v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

This week the Los Angeles Rams play host to the Houston Texans.

What was originally expected to be a very exciting game of the week, is now expected to be a very lopsidded game in favor of the Rams, after the very tragic and surprising injury to star rooke QB, DeShaun Watson.

As far as injuries go the Rams remain one of the healthiest (luckiest) teams in the league, as their injury report continues to look extremely different from their opponents.

Statistically on offense the Texans are one of the top offensive units. However, those numbers are still riding high from one of the best five game stretches the NFL has ever seen from a rookie QB. Ranking third in PPG at 28.6 and 12th in YPG at 357.5, fireworks were expected as this game was believed to be headed towards a shoot out. As it stands now it should be the opposite of that.

In the two games that QB Tom Savage has started — Houston's reinstated starter after Watson's ACL tear — he has thrown for only 281 yards total at 45% completion rate. The Rams have the ninth ranked pass defense, allowing just 205.4 YPG. Considering how often teams have played from behind that's an astoundingly low number.

The Texans have the fourth best ranked run offense in the league. But that again is in large part a result of Watson's play. His ability to connect on the deep ball — or any ball for that matter — forced defenses to pay the box as loose as anyone in the league. He also rushed for 269 yards himself as a dual threat. Two more luxuries the Texans no longer have.

Defensively Houston is a mess, and Watson can't be blamed for this side of the ball. The Texans are 30th in points allowed PPG with 26 per, and 20th in the league in total YPG allowed at 339.1 per. However, they have a solid run defense ranked ninth at 96 YPG.

Offensively the Rams should move the ball at will. QB Jared Goff is likely to set a new career high in pass yards in consecutive weeks. RB Todd Gurley should have a nice day at the office as well, with 150 yards from scrimmage being a legitimate possibility.

On paper this looks like a game similar to last week. Though 51 points might not happen, another 35 could. The Rans are clicking on all cylinders and the Texans are flailing just trying not to drown.

A word of advice, if you play fantasy football, I would start the Rams defense if you have them as they're likely to score a defensive touchdown, and force multiple turnovers. Also, start any of the following receivers, Sammy Watkins, Cooper Kupp, or Robert Woods, as well as TE Tyler Higbee. One of these guys — if not two — are likely to have a big day today.