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Los Angeles Rams vs Houston Texans: Matchups to Watch

If the Rams win these matchups, they’ll dominate the Texans

NFL: Houston Texans at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

A few short weeks ago, this could have been dubbed a premier matchup among rising teams. Unfortunately, Deshaun Watson’s ACL injury put a damper on what would have been an extremely exciting game.

Now? The Rams are an astonishing 12 point favorites. Rams fans aren’t used to that. Personally, I have to keep telling myself that these aren’t Jeff Fisher’s Rams anymore and they they’ll be prepared for this game.

If the Rams are going to avoid an embarrassing upset at home (knock on wood) they’ll have to win a few pivotal matchups.

Jadeveon Clowney vs Andrew Whitworth

Clowney took a while to come into his own in the NFL, but he’s developed into a very, very good football player. He’s not J.J. Watt, but he’s not far off either. Clowney has 5 sacks so far this season and has begun to live up to the hype he had coming out of South Carolina.

With all due respect to Todd Gurley, Andrew Whitworth has been the Rams MVP this season. If he can continue to keep Jared Goff clean on Sunday, the Rams have a very good chance of being successful on offense.

DeAndre Hopkins vs Trumaine Johnson

Tru’s tough slate continues. He’s paid to be an elite corner and he will face an elite WR this weekend. Nuk received a massive contract extension earlier this year and has played up to that contract thus far. His production took an expected dip last week with Tom Savage at QB as opposed to Deshaun Watson. The unenviable QB situation for the Texans makes this matchup a little easier for Tru.

Pro Football Focus has Tru rated as ‘Poor’ in 2017 with a 45.1 grade. That’s good for #95 among CBs. Given Tru has had some tough matchups this year, but that’s not an excuse when you’re the NFL’s highest paid CB. Look for Tru to rebound some on Sunday with Savage at QB.