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Los Angeles Rams 10 , Seattle Seahawks 16: Unfortunate Division Loss

Just when the Rams have a chance to shock the world, they do something like this

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It happened, it really happened. The Los Angeles Rams were not able to squeak out what would have been a massive win against the division rival Seattle Seahawks. For what was an ugly game from essentially the end of the first drive, the Rams just couldn’t get it together.

Tavon Austin was featured in today’s game, and outside of one long 27-yard rushing touchdown, it didn’t work. He was ineffective on the ground game for most of the day, and was minute in the receiving game as well. Another game, another no-show for Sammy Watkins who hasn’t registered a single reception. Outside of Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, the receivers were blanketed for majority of the day. Tyler Higbee had multiple long catches and looked revitalized in the offense.

The Rams running game was not better. For whatever reason, Todd Gurley was minimized in both production and usage, and it was awful to watch. The offense clearly runs through Gurley, and it stalled big time today. I suspect that may have something to do with the Rams not wanting to wear down Gurley over the course of the season. The first drive fumble in the red-zone which resulted in a touchback was the foreshadowing of an awful day, and the Seahawks really loaded the box to help stop Todd.

The Rams defense had a pretty damn solid day. Rookie John Johnson surrendered a TD, but also had multiple positive plays as well as a near pick six. Cody Davis also registered an INT. Multiple sacks and consistent pressure, Russell Wilson worked his usual magic and it seemed to be just enough. The run defense was also spectacular.

Oh, and the Rams ST’s didn’t fare better. Greg Zuerlein missed an easy FG attempt, and Johnny Hekker had a punt that went for less than 40 yards. This was a toughie..

The game-plan offensively (outside of the first drive) was just not good enough. Sean McVay needs to do a better job of not getting away from the run (specifically not away from Todd). The defense stepped up, but in perfect time the offense let down. Gotta rebound next week and get ready for another big game.