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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Seattle Seahawks: TST Staff Predictions

Here's how the TST staff sees Sunday pkaying out.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams
Last year Goff was wearing throwback uniforms on the sidelines against the Seattle Seahawks, this season he’s on the field and proving doubters wrong.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last time these two teams met, it was ugly for the LA Rams: the score, the TNF uniforms, Fisher was just fired 3 days prior to this game, Rams special teams coach was leading the entire team, etc. Prior to that, your Rams seemed to own the Seahawks. No matter how bad they were, they have given the Seahawks a hard time under Fisher.

Now it’s McVay’s turn. The guy has proven everyone wrong so far in 2017, and has his team atop of NFC West. How will he fare in his first match-up versus the division rival from the Pacific Northwest?

We’ll find out on Sunday. No need to drag this out, the TST staff have their predictions...

Go Rams (@AndrewKulick)

Rams get a safety this game.

Prediction: Rams win 36-16

EddieP (@iAmEddieP_)

What's up Sergey!

Prediction: Rams win 27-17

RamBuck (@lannyosu)

The defense will have a resurgence, while Goff will be forced to limit his mistakes. Gurley will have to carry the load again both the passing and running games.

Prediction: Rams win 17-10

Tevin Broner (@T_Bron)

The Rams defense will get a score or put the offense in a great position to score. This is the Rams and Jared Goff true statement game

Prediction: Rams win 28-21

Joey Aucoin (@LaRamsRamsRams)

I feel like Brockers and Donald will have their best game of the season, taking advantage of the weak Seattle offensive line. Also I feel like Sammy will be quiet, giving Josh Reynolds a chance to make an impact.

Prediction: Rams win 24-9

Eric Nagel (@Eric_nagel)

This is a statement game for the Rams. Unlike years past with Fisher, I think the Rams will come ready to take over the division, which is what a win will do for this team. The Seahawks have one of the league's worst rush defenses (allowing 134 yards a game and even more shockingly, 3.17 yards BEFORE contact per carry). They're dealing with injuries, and the paper match-up suggests the team can attack Russell Wilson, dominate with Todd Gurley and send it home. I'm so ready for this. It's time.

Prediction: Rams win 42-9

Misone (@MightyOrMisone)

So this is the hardest prediction for me to date, because, well it's the Seahawks. Nothing about the games with them are ever easy to predict. Regardless of well the offense is playing, this in no way will be a blow out. Goff is facing the best defensive line he's seen and will be a top 3 group he sees this year for sure. Pressure seems imminent. Also the Seahawks have the best pass defense in football right now, granted they've played some struggling QBs. Gurley is facing Bobby Wagner who is sure to limit some of those catches. Russell Wilson will be under pressure all day and will make a lot of plays but also be sacked about 4 or 5 times. It's tough to call. But I guess I'm going with the Rams.

Prediction: Rams win 27-23

Charlie Hiller (@charliehiller)

I'm going against my preseason prediction here, but I feel reasonably good about this. The Seahawks don't feel like the Seahawks anymore and this can be a real statement that the Rams are legitimate contenders in the West. I think this will be the game that the defense comes alive and makes Russell Wilson's life miserable.

Prediction: Rams win 20-16

TheRamsReport (@theramsreportIG)

The Rams assert their position as tops in the NFC West. Offense keeps rolling and defense gets back on track.

Prediction: Rams win 34-17

TG25 (@MrTimGodfrey)

Seattle's line is so bad and it's the most entertaining thing about them. They're the only part about Seattle I don't hate. The Rams offense will get points on the board, the defense will continue to struggle against the run-defense but ultimately hold the Russell Wilson back, and Pete Carroll will act like a "cool dad" and be despised by everyone.

Prediction: Rams win 31-24

Seattlerams (@seattlerams_nfl)

I’m and old dude which means that I have been a Rams fan since the 70's and thus have seen a lot of bad football over the years. We’ve been conditioned by the likes of Joe Vitt, Scott Linehan, Jim Haslett, Steve Spagnuolo and Jeff Fisher to expect the worst as fans. If there was a moment to rise up and make a stand, the Rams of the last decade would almost certainly fold. To say that this is the biggest game the Rams have had in years is putting it mildly, and I’m tired of expecting the worst and being pleasantly surprised when that doesn’t happen.

The Rams are clicking right now and I’m going all in.

Prediction: Rams win 31-17

Elijah Kim (@Big_EZK)

If the Rams are serious about being a real contender, they'll have to continue to be pesky and win against the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks continue to have a weak offensive line which matches up somewhat well with the porous defense of the Rams. The Rams offense and "ordinary back" Todd Gurley will have to prove to the defending NFC West Champs if they are real or not. Unfortunately, I don't know if the Rams are ready for the leap just yet.

Prediction: Seahawks win 27-21

BMule (@_BMule)

I did not see this coming at the beginning of the year. At all. But I'm loving it. Goff is an actual top QB and the Seahawks have come crashing back down to to the middle of the pack so far. An injury plagued Seattle defense vs an unstoppable Todd Gurley (!) and this will be the week Wade Phillips gets some fans to step back down off the ledge. Hopefully the Coliseum is full like Gurley asked for because Rams are going to extend their NFC W lead on the back of the offense.

Prediction: Rams win 30-20

Sosa Kremenjas (@SosaNFLDraft)

The Rams return home after a 2-0 road stint. With a huge division game on the horizon, the Rams finally put together the complete game their fanbase has been searching for. The defense performs at a higher level and the offense continues to roll.

Prediction: Rams win 34-24

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

Under Jeff Fisher, I'd be calling for a 9-6 slugfest with about 200 yards in unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. What a difference a year makes.

While Seattle's defense has regressed slightly, they likely still have enough in the tank to slow Jared Goff and the Rams offense a bit. On the other side of the ball, the Rams defense improved in the second half last week vs the Cowboys, but whether that carries over to this week remains to be seen.

I think Jimmy Graham will have a huge day but Todd Gurley proves to be the difference in the game.

Prediction: Rams win 29-27

3k (@3k_)

Prediction: Rams win 30-16

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Regardless of how surprising the Rams' hot start to the 2017 season may be, I still pegged this as a win for the Rams prior to Week 1. I don't know if I'd deem it a changing of the guard just yet, but the arrow is pointing up for the Rams. I'm not sure I can say the same about the Seahawks.

Prediction: Rams win 27-20

Sergey Konyshev (@thatsergey)

Read all the predictions including this one. Laugh a bunch. Forget what you read.No one knows what will happen. It’s Seahawks vs Rams. It’s a first year coach playing a division rival. It’s a throwback game for the Rams after winning 2 games. It’s a game following a Seahawks second half explosion against the Colts.

Seahawks are banged-up pretty bad, their OL isn’t good, etc. Like I said last week against the Cowboys, on paper it’s one result, but it won’t happen (Cowboys should’ve easily won). On paper the Rams can win by 20, I sure hope paper is right, but it’s Seahawks/Rams, it’ll be closer.

Prediction: Rams win 27-24

There you have it, only one TST staff member picking the Seahawks in a narrow upset (weird to say against Seattle).