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Turf Show Radio S9E16: We survived the bye (ft. Rams legend Jim Everett)

This week we are joined by Rams legend and former QB Jim Everett as he gives us a QB's perspective on current starter Jared Goff and a whole lot more.

Jim Everett

(Apple News readers will need to head to the show page to listen to the episode; you can also find the show on iTunes as well)

This week Joe (@3k_) and I (@MightyOrMisone) have the distinct pleasure to be joined by former Los Angeles Rams QB and franchise-leading passer Jim Everett (@Jim_Everett).

First, we talked about Rams RB Todd Gurley. Jim appears to be extremely impressed with the third-year running back and rightfully so. Gurley leads the league in yards from scrimmage and is on pace for well over 2,000 yards total. We discussed some of the greats the Rams have had the pleasure to roster over the last 40 years and where Gurley could fall on that list if healthy for another eight years.

Next, we obviously had to talk QB Jared Goff. The discussion on Goff was great, as Jim talked about the differences in his game from year one to year two and how he knows where to go with the ball by the time that back foot hits the ground. This is a portion of the show you def won't want to miss.

Jim credits the offensive line and coaching a lot for the turnaround, and he points out one big difference between this year’s coaching staff and the one Jeff Fisher had being valuable vets and what they can do for guys like LG Rodger Saffold, as well as the other linemen.

Also Joe and I share stories from high school about times we got embarrassed on the field by future NFL players. In my defense, my really embarrassing story came when I was a freshman in high school and this future first round draft pick was a senior. I lost before I even put the pads on. But I never got embarrassed in college interestingly enough...

Little tidbit learned about Jim on the show. In high school he was a head hunter at strong safety and was all state. #QBsHitHardToo