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Los Angeles Rams At Dallas Cowboys: Week 4 Recap Reaction

The Rams were a surprising victor in Dallas. Can they keep it up?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams surprised against the Dallas Cowboys. In a thrilling 35-30 victory over the Cowboys at Jerry World, Jared Goff and Todd Gurley proved again that the Rams offense is no fluke as the leading scoring team in the NFL.

Of course, last week, I said Goff and Gurley had “arguably their best games of their careers” and both impressed even more in a bigger spotlight.

Remember when Eric Dickerson was saying the Rams should be starting Sean Mannion...... That man no longer exists as everyone is ready to give Sean McVay all the credit in the world for turning around Jared Goff.

Defensively speaking, the Rams did give up 30 points to a very talented offense. Dallas owner Jerry Jones was ready and willing to give Wade Phillips credit, especially for making the adjustments and giving the players the scheme to make stops. From my perspective, it looked like the Rams played much more zone and played to keep everything in front, which was crucial on their final stop of Ezekiel Elliott to seal the game.

Special teams wise, give it up for Akon and Young GZ dominating with 23 points (no not a typo). Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein was automatic and drew high praise to earn the game ball. Zuerlein’s kicks at the end kept Dallas just far away and needing to go for touchdowns and not field goals, allowing the Rams to play safe.

Overall, I don’t want to pump the brakes too hard but I still believe this Rams squad has a long ways to go in order to be a contender. Sure, the Rams are 3-1, but there is more optimism with this start compared to last year’s squad at 3-1.

And now, one of my famous haikus for all Rams fans:

The Rams win and I really want to believe

I really do

But let’s not forget

The Rams were 3-1 last year too

I hope I am wrong and not on the #toonegativeTST train but let’s give it a few more games before we crown our beloved Rams the NFC West champs.