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Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals: Highlight/Lowlight

Which play of the day will qualify as the best and worst play of the day?

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Another week, another win for the Los Angeles Rams, who are now 5-2 headed for their week eight bye week. As good as a position that the Rams are in, let’s take a look at the best and worst play from Sunday’s dominating performance over the Arizona Cardinals.


To be honest, I’m not really sure there was a “lowlight” for the Rams per se, but I guess I’ll go with Jared Goff’s INT. Clearly, the referees need to check their glasses because this was a blatant PI call that was missed. On the far left you see Todd Gurley lined up at WR. He and Gerald Everett run a flat-slant combo, and Gurley is clearly interfered with by Tyvon Branch who is headed to cover Everett in the flat. It resulted in an interception and a big return.


The highlight of the game came right after a massive turning point in the game. First, Alec Ogletree applied pressure on Carson Palmer and registered a big QB hit that knocked the QB out of the game. Second, Lamarcus Joyner got his hands on the errant pass and returned the INT all the way to the 18-yard line. Last? Well, here’s the highlight:

The Rams patented running play with Tavon Austin coming across the formation with a fake jet sweep. The run seemed like it was designed to go to the right, though RB Todd Gurley seen plenty of grass to the opposite side of the formation. Gurley made a defender miss in the backfield with a nice juke, after that he followed his blocks (not sure you can call Higbee’s a “block”) by Higbee but more importantly Tavon Austin’s great cut block, and did the rest himself. The most interesting thing about the play was his strong finish in the endzone. Typically, a player might extend the ball there with one arm to try and cross the goal line, but after the tacky call that resulted in a touchback for SEA in week five, Todd elected to just power his way in. Nice.