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Los Angeles Rams 33, Arizona Cardinals 0: Finally, It Begins

The Sean McVay Era has begun. Today’s win asks just how far it can go.

Twickenham Stadium
Twickenham Stadium
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are 5-2 for the first time since 2003 after absolutely dominating the Arizona Cardinals in Week 7, 33-0.

The question revolving around this team is not one of today. The question is where this team is going as they now head into a well-earned bye week meaning their next game, a Week 9 visit to the northeast to face the New York Giants, will be in November.

November football. Meaningful November football. This team, this young, talented, unproven team is headed toward the kind of test this franchise faced just once in the last decade: meaningful December football.

It’s a question that we haven’t had to ask much around here since this site launched in 2006.

Just how good are the Rams?

That’s the question today’s win begs, a question that will only be answered when we get to the more meaningful football of the season, football that begins sorting out those teams playing for postseason action and those playing out their season out of contractual and legal obligation. We know the latter. We’ve played that kind of football often. The former?

It’s something we haven’t had to face in a long time.

And I couldn’t be more excited that that’s where we’re headed.

The Rams are 5-2. The Rams are headed to November atop the NFC West.

Just how good are the Rams?