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Los Angeles Rams Vs. Arizona Cardinals: Live Open Thread

It's an NFC West showdown in London. Time to see who wins out in this battle of new versus old...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are in London. Again.

In 2012, the then-St. Louis Rams got trounced by the New England Patriots in Week 8, 7-45.

Last year, the Rams traveled to Week 7 for a pivotal game against the New York Giants. A 10-17 loss sent the Rams into the bye on a three-game losing streak. Suffice to say, old England has not been jolly for the Rams in the NFL International Series.

Today, the Rams' third entry in the series, marks perhaps a bigger opportunity.

These Rams are favored over their division rival Arizona Cardinals in what is shaping up to be a battle of young and old. The Rams have just three players on their roster who are 30-years old or older, and all three begin every practice week by, well, not practicing. The Cardinals have 15 such players.

Carson Palmer. Larry Fitzgerald. Adrian Peterson. In 2017.

Last week, the Rams played the Jacksonville Jaguars in a preview of the next NFL. Today, this last NFL gets to crack back at the Rams in London.

The Rams won the preview of tomorrow's NFL. Can they hold off one more challenge from yesterday's NFL to head into the bye at 5-2?