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Los Angeles Rams vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Highlight/Lowlight

Let’s take a look at the best and worst play of the day for the Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

If we were simply talking about taking a main highlight from Sunday’s win for the Los Angeles Rams, well, it’d be getting the win. Though it doesn’t count as the highlight, the Rams had two out of three wins on the road prior to Sunday’s game vs the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they managed to continue that trend. The Rams ripped off their third road win this season, and fourth win total. Let’s take a look at the highlight and the lowlight of the game.


I think the unanimous choice for lowlight has to be the first play from scrimmage in the game. The Rams started out hot with a kick return to take a 7-0 lead, though that evaporated quickly. On the first Jaguars drive - first play - they had a simple run up the gut to Leonard Fournette who found a gaping hole develop right in-front of him. Fournette essentially went untouched for a 75 yard touchdown, with the last line of defense (John Johnson III) taking a rough angle.

On the play, Tanzel Smart is washed down the LOS initially opening the huge hole. Mark Barron gets stuck on a block from an offensive lineman at the second level, and all Leonard Fournette has to do on the play is out-run John Johnson, which he succeeded at.


What’s super strange about the highlight and lowlight, is they were one play apart from each other. There were some big plays for the Rams throughout the game, but none bigger than the 103-yard opening kickoff return for a TD by WR Pharoh Cooper. What looked to initially be a bad decision to take the ball out of the endzone, turned out great. Pharoh Cooper breaks a tackle with a spin move at the 19-yard line, meanwhile Blake Countess and Mike Thomas both throw huge blocks to seal the edge and give Pharoh a clear lane to the endzone. Pharoh Cooper manages to do the rest, take a look: