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Random Ramsdom 10/16: Big Road Win

Enjoy your victory Monday, Rams fans

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Los Angeles Rams v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

One-on-One with Gerald Everett post game | The Los Angeles Rams official site

The rookie TE breaks down his first NFL TD, talks about how they believed they could perform better (the offense that is), and getting ready for a big international trip

One-on-One with Pharoh Cooper post game | The Rams official site

Pharoh Cooper also breaks down his first NFL TD, gives credit to Coach Bones, and needing to work on the muffed punts

Sean McVay post game locker room speech | The Rams official site

Give ‘er a listen

Jared Goff post game press conference | The Rams official site

Jared Goff mentions the major ST’s boost on the day, managing the ball, a few of his misses on offense, and changing the approach when you get a lead vs a defense like the Jaguars

Todd Gurley post game press conference | The Rams official site

Todd Gurley mentions the Jags stadium is HIS (a joke), talks about Leonard Fournette, and the road performances

Sean McVay post game press conference | The Rams official site

Coach McVay mentions the ST’s and defensive units standing out, the traveling accommodations going to London, and the teams success on the road

Week Six highlights: Rams vs Jaguars | The Rams official site

VIDEO: Enjoy some of the day’s biggest plays

Social roundup from the win | The Rams official site

Take a look at what some of the players had to say about the game on twitter and social media platforms

With two ST’s TD’s, Rams defeat Jaguars | The Rams official site

Rams insider Myles Simmons takes you through the game for a thorough recap

Refocused: Rams 27 - Jaguars 17 | PFF

The PFF team takes a look at the top five graded Rams, and a certain #99 gets another game ball to his collection