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Aaron Donald’s Fictional Reaction to Alec Ogletree’s Contract Extension

Time for some speculative fiction as our fly on the wall reports on the behind the scenes tension regarding Alec Ogletree’s recent financial windfall.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

In case you were wondering what the team chemistry is like in the locker room after Alec Ogletree signed his four-year extension, read this following scene that’s a rough approximation of what’s going at the practice facility today.

Aaron Donald and Trumaine Johnson sit in the weight room. Alec Ogletree enters, dressed like the Monopoly Man.

AARON DONALD: Hey Tree. Aren’t you supposed to be doing tackling drills?

ALEC OGLETREE: Eh, Les Snead said I’m good for the day.

(Aaron Donald and Trumaine Johnson roll their eyes)

ALEC OGLETREE: Want to go house hunting? I’m gonna get a place with a nice waterfall. Maybe a shark. Maybe a waterfall of sharks! You guys should get new houses too!

TRUMAINE JOHNSON: Well, even though I’m clearly the best cornerback on the team, the Rams management hasn’t given me a long-term contract. So, I don’t know if I’ll even be in Los Angeles next year.

ALEC OGLETREE: Maybe you can sign with the Chargers

(Everyone laughs for a long time.)

ALEC OGLETREE: What about you, Aaron Donald? You’re the best defensive player in the NFL. Clearly you can afford a house with a waterfall of sharks.

AARON DONALD: First off, it would just be a sharkfall, since the sharks would be substituting for the water. And secondly, I’m still on my rookie contract for two more years. And if we were still in St. Louis, I’d be living it up. But with the Los Angeles prices, I’m gonna have to be cool with my studio apartment.

TRUMAINE JOHNSON: Man, you don’t even have a full kitchen.

AARON DONALD: It’s cool. I just wash my dishes in the bathroom sink. It’s fine.

(Tavon Austin enters the locker room)

TAVON AUSTIN: Hey guys. Do you know who parked a gold plated helicopter in my spot?

ALEC OGLETREE: Oh, my bad. Those things are hard to land. Luckily, I can now afford to keep a full-time pilot on staff!

TAVON AUSTIN: Hey Tru, can you pass me a Gatorade?

(Trumaine Johnson passes a Gatorade to Tavon Austin, but he muffs it. The Gatorade falls on the ground.)

ALEC OGLETREE: I’ll get it.

(Alec Ogletree lunges for the Gatorade bottle on the ground, but misses)

TAVON AUSTIN: Hey, pass me another one.

(Trumaine Johnson passes him another Gatorade and Tavon muffs it again. Ogletree leaps on the ground, attempting to grab it. This happens 12 more times. Aaron Donald just watches all of this, trying not to get too upset.)