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Los Angeles Rams Host Seattle Seahawks: Week 5 Recap Reaction

The Rams fell short against the Seahawks at home.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams came within a finger tip catch against the Seattle Seahawks to stealing a game they had no business winning. Cooper Kupp failed to hang onto a crucial third down pass that just came off his fingertips.

Fortunately, the team seemed to somewhat rally around Kupp, with Jared Goff coming over after the game to make sure to keep his and Kupp’s head up.

Jared Goff struggled a bit at times and the team went away from Todd Gurley late which may have ultimately led to their demise.

Gurley has been very good this season but when time came for the Rams to try and score, Sean McVay leaned a little too much on Goff, who struggled.

From my friends who are diehard Washington Football Franchise fans, they loved McVay’s playcalling and innovation until he got to the red zone. The lone gripe with their beloved McBae during his time there was that the team was “too cute” when they got close to the end zone and this game may have highlighted some of those concerns, fair or not.

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise was the play of rookie John Johnson. Johnson played well in his first career start as he picked off Russell Wilson. His play, along with perhaps some internal issues allowed the Rams to move from Maurice Alexander.

Lastly, the special teams cost the Rams dearly in this game. Tavon Austin muffed two punts, leading to one giveaway. He will no longer serve as the team’s punt returner it seems as he’s fumbled his chances (four muffs in five games).

Ironically, Austin scored a rushing touchdown in the game and was starting to see an increased role. This move won’t help however. Austin was a true Jeff Fisher guy and even gave a soundbite that sounded just like his old coach. When asked about his punt muffing woes, Austin said “no excuses” but had already blamed the sun and tv cable this season.

Let’s hope we see more action and a rebound from Austin and the rest of the team, other than hearing about moving along. The Rams take on the Jacksonville Jaguars next in Khan’s house.