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Random Ramsdom: 10/10 Recovering from the L

The Rams lost a key game, released a former starter, and have to deal with a venting WR.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Rams went away from Gurley/Watkins in loss | ESPN

The Los Angeles Rams didn’t feed their high profile guys down the stretch....

Three Stats to make the loss more rosy | Ramswire

The Rams lost a close game but the feeling is more what the Rams failed to do instead of what the Seahawks took away.....

Rams waive former starter Alexander for Mike Thomas | ESPN

In a somewhat surprising move, the Rams waived their opening day starter at safety to activate 4th or 5th receiver Mike Thomas off suspension.

Watkins opens window into frustration | OC Register

Sammy Watkins took to social media to express some displeasure in the way he is being used the last couple of games.

Aaron Donald at the top of his game | Ramswire

Despite missing Week 1 with the holdout, Aaron Donald leads all interior defenders in QB hurries

Rams to take Tavon off punt return | The Rams

The Rams are going to give Tavon Austin a “break” from punt return as he’s fumbled four times in five games. He claims he “never wants to make excuses” but blamed the tv cable in the past. Sounds like his former head coach.

John Johnson shines in first start | The Rams

In his first career start, John Johnson shined through and came away with an interception. His play gave Rams comfort in waiving Maurice Alexander.