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Los Angeles Rams At Dallas Cowboys: Highlights And Lowlights In The Big Win

Take a look at the best and worst plays of the game.

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Another week down for the Los Angeles Rams, and another win. The Rams have officially finished the first quarter of the season at 3-1, and must be feeling confident going to week five. But, before that, why don’t we take a look back at the highlight and lowlight of the Rams vs Dallas Cowboys game:


I can’t recall any daggers to the Rams heart, so I have to roll with Alfred Morris’ 70-yard scamper. It was a well blocked play by the Dallas OL, who had two pullers (Zack Martin and TE James Hanna) wipe out two Rams, only to have Mo Alexander and Cody Davis both miss tackle attempts. Alfred Morris just ran straight toward the endzone until a fantastic effort from Kayvon Webster dragged him down at the four yard line.


You already know it’s coming... Yup, it’s the 53-yard run and catch by RB Todd Gurley for a TD. Not only that, but it was the TD that finally put the Rams ahead in the game:

They motioned Tavon Austin across the field, Goff hits him with a PA effectively making two Dallas LB’s step up, all the while Todd Gurley runs a simple vert/seam right up the middle. Once Goff finds him open, he delivers an accurate pass, Gurley makes Jeff Heath’s legs break, and Josh Reynolds lays down a vicious crackback block to spring Gurley into the endzone.