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Los Angeles Rams - Dallas Cowboys: Matchups to Watch

Does Goff have enough to lead the Rams to another road win?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams will face their stiffest test to date this season today in Dallas. It’ll be tough sledding for the Rams, but if they can win the majority of these matchups, they will have a good chance of coming away with a second straight road win.

Rob Havenstein vs Demarcus Lawrence

Brandon beat me to this one.

Look at the GIF in the comments. That scares me. Lawrence is leading the NFL in sacks and is a terror right now on the edge. Havenstein has had success in the past, but he’s going to have his hands full today. I look for a lot of quick slants, draws, and screens to keep Lawrence off balance... but I’m not sure that will be enough.

Godspeed big Rob.

Rams ILBs vs Cowboys Run Game

To say that Alec Ogletree and Mark Barron have struggled thus far would be a tremendous understatement. Ogletree has looked lost (the completion to the 49ers FB comes to mind....) and Barron has been meh.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys will trot out the Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Preskott along with the most dominant OL in the NFL. Brockers will have a lot to do with the success of ‘Tree and Barron, but he can only eat so many blocks. The middle of the Rams defense needs to step up their game if they’re going to have any success stoping Zeke and Dak.

Dez Bryant vs Trumaine Johnson

This is redemption for Tru. After an abysmal showing last week vs Pierre Garcon, Tru gets another tough matchup vs Bryant. While Dez isn’t the playmaker he once was, he’s still a big threat for the Cowboys offense. If Tru struggles again, he may start to see that big payday this offseason dwindle.