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Rams’ DC Gregg Williams Has Until Monday to Accept Cleveland Browns Defensive Coordinator Job

It appears as though Gregg Williams’ days in Los Angeles are done.

San Francisco 49ers v St Louis Rams Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Earlier today, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport hinted that some of the Los Angeles Rams’ defensive staff are hoping that their new, most likely offensive-minded head coach, would retain them.

But it doesn’t appear they’re all content to wait and see.

Alex Marvez is now reporting that the Cleveland Browns are looking to make a change at defensive coordinator, and Gregg Williams - with Ray Horton expected to be out - looks to be their guy.

Apparently Williams, who’s been with the Rams since 2014, isn’t as optimistic that the new boss will ask him to stick around. Williams has until Monday to make his decision, so it won’t be long before we know the future path of the Rams’ current defensive coordinator.

Odd are, despite crossing their fingers, that few, maybe none, of the current staff would be retained. Stay tuned for now, but from the sounds of it, Gregg Williams’ days in Los Angeles are over.

UPDATE (Jan 7, 10:27am ET): According to Tony Grossi, who covers the Browns for ESPN Cleveland, Gregg Williams is looking to bring a few of the Rams’ current defensive staffers along for the ride.