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The Rams Have Lost More Games Over the Past Decade Than Any Other NFL Team

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Cincinnati Bengals v St. Louis Rams Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

There are some pretty horrible NFL teams out there. And some of them are regularly awful. The Browns come to mind. And there’s always the Jaguars.

The Rams have stunk for a quite a while.

The last time this team went .500 was in 2006. Winning half of their games has been an unachievable feat for a decade now. How much of your football watching life does that account for?

Regardless, it’s been pretty rough for the Rams over the last ten years. But how bad? How does the Rams’ record over the past 10 years stack up against the worst of the NFL’s worst?

The Rams rank No. 1 over the last decade in winning the fewest games (h/t Fox Sports).

32. St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams (46-113-1)

The Rams have never finished at or above .500 in the past decade, and they've won four games or less in five of the past 10 seasons.

That’s right. They’re worse than the Browns (48-112), the Jaguars (53-107), and the Raiders (60-100), who you can watch play a postseason game this Saturday.

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