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Random Ramsdom: Slow Times and Crazy Thoughts

Rams still have loads of work to do.

NFL: Pro Bowl
Two of the three Rams Pro Bowlers
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams May have Insulted Shanahan | Twitter

Rams Need Overhaul at Offensive Line | ESPN

In other breaking news, the Rams offense ranked 32nd.... again

Kirk Cousins is Happy for McVay | Ramswire

Former McVay QB, Kirk Cousins, is happy for new head man in Los Angeles

Les Snead: Re-signing Trumaine Johnson a “Big Decision” |

Rams GM says Trumaine Johnson’s free agency is a big decision

Rams will “pump brakes” on decisions | NBC Sports

GM Snead cautions that organization will have to match scheme to player before re-signing