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TST Open Thread: What Were YOU Saying About a Potential Trade Up to No. 1 in 2016?

Let’s have a lil look at what you thought about a, then potential, trade up to No. 1 in the 2016 NFL Draft 

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

While I was perusing the TST archives earlier today, I stumbled upon an article from late January of last year, where Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller floated the idea that the Tennessee Titans were interested in trading out of the top spot of the 2016 NFL Draft, and that the Rams could potentially be interested.

The biggest buzz to come out of Mobile, Alabama, during Senior Bowl week is that the Tennessee Titans are absolutely shopping the No. 1 pick in the draft. The teams most likely to be interested? According to general managers I've spoken with from competing teams, the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams (with two second-round picks).

Nooooo, it couldn’t be.

Oh it be.

And, as always, the comments section was pure gold.

A simple Ctrl + F easily helped me narrow down what folks were saying about the potential trade as it pertained to Jared “Goff.” The TST faithful, as usual, did not disappoint.

Here’s what you, the fans, were saying about the idea 363 days ago...


I call bullshit. Won't happen. This guy \/

(just go ahead and assume there was a Laquon Treadwill gif (or seven) below this comment.


To move up to #1 and take Goff, and I’d be very happy about the move, then try very hard to sign Jeffrey, draft Boyd or Miller in round 2.

then, a bit later

Goff please trade up. If it’s for only a few extra picks then yes please, Goff and Gurley, GG connection, sign WR Jeffrey in free agency

oh, he’s not done...

I like Goff a lot, the kid is a franchise QB in my opinion, but because he’s not Luck and the Titans already have a QB maybe the deal won’t be as costly for the Rams. While I like the top 4 QB’s there is just something about Goff and his feel for the game. See where this all goes but I’d trade up for Goff.

Eric Nagel

For Goff? I mean…who else would be worth it? If Jeff Fisher trades up to draft Bosa I’m finished with this franchise.


I would consider Goff more "pro ready" due to being tasked with more responsibility to make multiple reads and adjust at the line. That along with his footwork, not staring down receivers, and also leading them and anticipating breaks.

tell us more about this Goff fella...

Wentz probably has a higher potential ceiling. But there’s so many aspects to Goff’s game that are currently NFL ready. His footwork is fantastic. Even Wentz agrees he has to get better at it. Right now every QB on our roster kind has shitty footwork. I’d rather go for the guy who emulates Peyton’s choppy steps to get the ball out quickly.

surely there’s more...

I wouldn't worry much about the shotgun aspect of things. From all accounts Goff lives and breathes football and is extremely precise and a quick learner. Learning to huddle and call plays from under center shouldn’t take much for him to nail down.

Ok, now I’m beginning to think you may be a Cal fan...

Hell let's trade for Goff and then take Lawler in the 3rd or 4th. Let him have a comfortable target to throw too haha.

I’m not far off from cutting you off...

I think Goff could start for us. Rams aren’t asking for miracles at QB position. So between a solid defense and Gurley running the ball he could settle in and easily do better than what we currently have. Like honestly how MUCH worse can our passing attack get?

Please make it stahp!

I don't worship PFF, but Goff’s rating is like 6 points higher than the nearest QB and still higher than Mariota’s rating of last year. The guy has so many things going right for him. If he was on a better team going for national championships, there would be no question about him. He’s got incredible football IQ.

That’s it...GTFO

Bear raid is not nearly as simplistic as you think. And they go down field way more. He anticipates throws. Goff makes multiple reads and had complete control this year to change protection schemes, plays etc. As already mentioned numerous times his footwork is incredible. Dude is the real deal.

81 Witness

Git that traffic 3k! Never happen. Rams should only make a trade up for rock’s mancrush. AKA, ahead of ravens and Niners.


Please NO. we are a lot more than a #1 draft pick away from being consistently relevant. the cost would be considerably more this team can afford to do.


If they see someone they like, fuck it, go for it to draft goff reply to TDAnderson:

the small chance this isn’t completely fabricated, I’d be more than happy if the Rams get the #1, draft goff and use their 2nd rounder to get a solid WR, then sign Jeffrey in FA. That would turn this offense around in a matter of days.


We're clearly not very good at drafting in the second round anyway. Pead, Quick….bundle those baby’s up because it’s not like they’re doing much anyway aside from Jenks. Plus this years first and next years I’d be completely cool with that to land the QB they like (Goff or Wentz).

I personally didn’t hate the idea of going after RG3 in free agency? How’s about you?

Jared Goff will turn out to be much better than RG3

He did pretty well with college wideouts. How will he fair with NFL talent?

With NFL receivers Goff will shine


It's funny how fast a guys stock can rise. It seems about a month ago all u heard was Goff this , Goff that , he was the no. 1 QB now it’s Wentz who knows by the time the draft comes around it could be Lynch name being thrown out there, but one thing for sure we do need a QB but maybe not the first overall pick.

brandon bate (why is it lower case?)

Fugg that!


If this happens and the Rams get Goff, I will have to assume that I am dead. First, the Rams actually move back to Los Angeles and then they go out and get Cal’s record breaking QB? It’s just not possible that everything can break this much in my favor. Haha


We must want a servicable RB really bad this time!!!!!!!!!

Ignacio B

HA! Everybody thinks it’s because of Wentz’s stock going up, maybe they’ve seen enough of Wentz to know Goff is far and wide the best QB in the class. Who knows, but still, I toyed around with this idea but the only way we’d be able to trade up is if "we had a stupid GM blah blah blah." I wonder what the package would look like, I still think this year’s and next years first and both of our seconds this year would do it.


I still hate Matt Miller.


I see no reason to trade up to one. It would cost a lot . So you people think Goff or Wentz are start day one. because if we trade to number 1. He better start first game like Mariota and Winston. If not it’s a wasted pick.


Depending on the cost and who they’re targeting…go for it. I like Goff more than Wentz-he’s got the brain to run an NFL offense, and he’s got phenomenal footwork. He’s a smart football player. I do not want to trade up for Wentz. The tape I’ve seen of him in actual games (against pretty crappy competition) isn’t impressive to me in the least.

What tape?

After watching a 30 minute highlight tape of Jared Goff I’m all for trading up to get him. (or whatever his name is)

Matt Miller reported this last week. Same shit. He also said we are not likely to do it and it would be stupid for Tennessee to do it.

LA2NJ Thee Rabid Ram

Promote this cat to GM...

Sadly, no QB in draft better than RG3, no better WR than A. Jeffrey. Sign both, fix the F’n O-line, MLB, DBs that can cover/tackle, H.C. with real 21st Century vision, etc

Mark Jaramillo

Mark bringin’ the heat!

No way would I Mortgage our future for ANY of these QB’s coming out. Every yr this is the same topic over and over and….If its not a QB? It’s WR ( whereas I’m all aboard this yr for!), There is no Andrew Luck or Jameis Winston coming out of the Draft class that I would even consider giving up future #1 picks along with future #2’s soo on and soo forth. Bottom line is Wentz and Goff are going to go in the top 10 no matter what. I’d rather take my QB chances ( if the Rams are really looking at one this yr) in the 2nd round. Yes we still have Mannion, yes we still have Keenum, and a BIG yes we still have Foles and his big contract, soo why in the hell would you go out and try to give up all you’re Draft capital for a QB in the 1st round?


Ya Goff is definitely the real deal. I remember watching him play Arizona last year and he was so accurate it was unreal. Like 90% of NFL qbs wouldn’t make those throws. And he was a sophomore. He’s the best pure passer to come out in a little bit. He’s not the athlete that the NFL has been so enamored with these recent top qbs (bortles, luck, rg3, cam) but if you believe a great passer can win in this league (like Peyton/Eli/Brady) then there’s not a much better product than Goff. I’m pretty sure a Goff caliber passer won’t be available next year, and likely for the next 5 years (tho that UCLA guy and that Washington state guy could be close). Just my 2 cents.

Mr. Objective

So who "made up" this rumor? 3K? Snead has said multiple times that the Rams will not mortgage their future for one guy who may or may not pan out. And nobody in this draft is worth doing that for especially the qb class in this years draft. Not going to happen.

LA Champ

Wentz/Goff/Lynch. I’d be cool with a small trade up for either…

You jerks put up almost 400 comments in that thread, so I clearly didn’t hit them all. But I tried to get the best of the best in there.

So, in hindsight, what do you think about the trade? Were you right/wrong?

Oh, and which of you owe 3k an apology?