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Rams Players Had Some Telling Statements Today

A few Los Angeles Rams’ players spoke up on Monday

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As is customary around the NFL, players gather at the team facility to clean out their lockers, meet with their coaches and yes, talk to the media the day after the regular season ends.

Embattled OT, Greg Robinson had this to say:

Really, Greg Robinson wasn’t pushed hard enough by his coach(es)?

Part-time starter, Jamon Brown follows up with a doozy of his own:

All-Pro DT, Aaron Donald talked about taking two weeks off before getting back to work, but then had this to say:

The “Hopefully a lot of guys will be a lot more hungry” quote is telling, and speaks volumes as to the the mindset of where some of his teammates priorities might be.

Remember, Lamarcus Joyner said as much during Hard Knocks when he almost quit the team. “All these guys.. They be in the locker room ... It’s about money, it’s about girls, it’s about cars. Coach, I love this game.”

For a collective group of men who all responded with shock and disappointment when Jeff Fisher was fired, there certainly seems to be a recurring theme being echoed over the last two days. They were not pushed as hard as they needed to be and that fundamental changes are needed in both scheme and attitude if they are to improve in 2017.