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Schefter: LA Rams To Nab Former Jaguars OC Greg Olson As QB Coach

Greg Olson, the Jared Goff whisperer?

Former Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson
Former Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Former Jacksonville Jaguars (and former St. Louis Rams) OC Greg Olson is planning on heading to LA to become the LA Rams’ QB Coach under new Head Coach Sean McVay:

Olson’s got a very lengthy resume with OC time in Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Oakland and Jacksonville. It’s definitely a quality hire for the position for a head coach as young as McVay.

The questions as to whether it will help franchise QB Jared Goff are incredibly technical and detailed...and until we get much info from Olson, McVay or the team in general, it’s hard to assess. What deficiencies did Goff exhibit or develop in Year 1? What is going to be required to address and correct for him to improve moving forward? And what about those improvements will matter for which plays/targets/situations?

Position coaches jobs are horribly evaluated by the public. It’s virtually impossible to know if Olson will be the panacea for the Rams’ offensive woes centering around the QB position.

It’s worth it to give him a fair shot.