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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Swears In LA Chargers QB Philip Rivers, DE Joey Bosa "To Be Better Than The Rams"

The battle for LA reaches latenight.

The new era of NFL football in Los Angeles is in its infancy. It's very difficult to see how things are going to shake out now that the Rams are sharing the market with the Chargers with the NFL facing more daunting questions than perhaps at any time in the last two decades.

But allow levity to perhaps carve out moments that we'll remember moving forward.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, LA Chargers QB Philip Rivers and DE Joey Bosa were sworn in to LA "to try and be better than the Rams which shouldn't be that hard." That line drew some applause from the crowd which clearly had some still smarting from the Rams' woeful 4-12 2016 season.

More than anything, it's indicative of where the casual fan appraisal is: open to the Chargers who bring a proven QB, a potential defensive rookie of the year and a solid past decade to LA versus the Rams who landed with a dud after overwhelming hype and notoriety a year ago.

Battle:Los Angeles begins...