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Turf Show Radio —Ben Allbright Interview

Turf Show Radio’s Josh Webb-Thomson sat down recently with NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright to talk Rams.

Lucio Ourique

After Jeff Fisher was fired and Sean McVay was hired, we had an opportunity to sit down with NFL Insider, QB analyst, Twitter aficionado and radio personality Benjamin Allbright.

Ben is well-known throughout the NFL landscape as being unafraid to share his (sometimes) controversial opinions with his followers and listeners, and also for being on the nose about many reports before they are more publicly available (including the move to Los Angeles).

Our host Josh Webb-Thomson and Ben discussed all things coaching, including topics like who McVay plans to hire and what the Rams are looking for it their coaches. Ben also addresses topics of free agency, including the positions most likely to be filled by the Los Angeles Rams under their new head coach. Ben also breaks down what fans can expect out of the new Los Angeles Rams offense. What will it look like? How will it run?

Finally, Ben addresses the defensive look and scheme, drops a few names that Phillips might bring with him in free agency, and discloses what will Wade Phillips might do to supplement the defense with quality coaching.

Thanks to Ben for dropping by the show. You can find him on Twitter at @AllbrightNFL and on AM1340, 104.7 FM Denver/Boulder