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Sean McVay Press Conference Highlights

Sean McVay makes a strong impression during his first press conference as head coach

Sean McVay
Alden Gonzalez, ESPN

Sean McVay’s presser as the youngest coach in NFL History happened earlier today. As he graciously accepted the position, he thanked his family and numerous coaching connections that helped him get to this stage which he called “a dream that he’s had since he started coaching”.

Current Rams players Aaron Donald and Jared Goff had an opportunity to speak with McVay before the hiring process concluded, according to Kevin Demoff.

During the presser, Snead said he knew McVay was their guy when Redskins players like Josh Norman and Desean Jackson were blowing up his phone at dinner and Demoff knew after listening to his football banter with Marshall Faulk.

Sean McVay came off very well during his presser. He said there are “great players” in key spots and vowed to be a team that is built on character.

McVay said the first goal to reaching the Super Bowl like Kroenke stated would be a “process” and taken “one day” at a time. As a first time head coach, McVay’s vision will be to call the plays from day one. Instead of dodging the stadium question, Sean answered by saying it’s going to be “one of the premier sport complexes in the world”.

All in all, McVay seems to be an enthusiastic leader wanting a team to buy in “we” mentality. In addition, he seems to be authentic in his communication and realistic. Today is a good day and good start for the Rams to being a new era.