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Rams and Chargers Spar, Hollywood Style

Hollywood Sign Repainting Project Completed With LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Sometimes Twitter can sum things up in a way other media outlets can’t.

You can add the Wade Philips news in there as well. The Chargers and Rams battling for attention was palpable today. Both teams clearly realize that they’re fighting against each other to earn Los Angeles’ fans adoration.

The white elephant in the room here is that Los Angeles prefers winning football teams. Prior to the 2016 season, fans in LA were able to watch the best games that the NFL had to offer each week. Transitioning to Rams game being broadcast weekly was tough for LA - and viewership overall dropped for the market.

Suffice to say that the Rams blew any chance they had at snowballing their homecoming festivities and 3-1 start into an expanded core of fans. LA fans turned out to be fair weather, and as the season wore on the Coliseum became tougher and tougher to fill.

The Chargers (5-11) finished with a better record than the Rams (4-12), but both had their PR issues in 2016. Where the Rams had the Jeff Fisher saga, the Chargers had the Joey Bosa situation. Point is, both teams eat butt right now.

Today’s events signal the start of a race. A race that Jason La Canfora succinctly summed up. No one is winning this race right now. Not the Rams. Not the Chargers. Not the NFL.

Expect the battle for headlines to continue until one of these teams can start making them for winning football games.