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Ram It Down Your Throat - Premier Episode

Embrace debate!

Welcome to a new thing we're doing here on Turf Show Times called Ram It Down Your Throat. Turf Show Radio host Josh Webb (FightOnTwist) and, if you follow our social media channels, Turf Show Times video creator Blaine Grisak (bxgrisak1993) combine forces to bring you a new debate themed show.

ESPN and FOX Sports have set their daily lineups around First Take and Undisputed, and we thought we'd give you the same. However, our show will be Rams-themed, have more well-informed opinions, and have a little less Skip Bayless.

In the first episode, the guys talk about whether or not the Rams should trade arguably their best player, Aaron Donald, who the Rams should part ways with in the offseason, and where the Rams should look for their new coach, whether it be the college level or NFL.

Be sure to watch the show, let us know what you think, and get ready to embrace debate.