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Week 17 Recap Reaction: The Misery is Over

The Rams eat butt.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
Both teams are happy the season is over
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Much to no one’s surprise, the Rams ended the season on a whimper, getting destroyed by the Arizona Cardinals. The Rams were outgained 344-123 in yardage and outscored 44-6. The Rams showed some wrinkles with trick plays but penalties and miscues led to the backfiring of potential scores and big plays.

Now, the Rams must look forward. After firing Jeff Fisher and seeing three games of Coach Fassel, a new regime must take what is good (which there isn’t much of) and build around it. With coaches around the league getting fired or retiring, the Rams may get creative and trade for a coach like Sean Payton, a proven winner but pricey option.

With a lot of draft capital going to the Titans for Jared Goff, a trade for Payton may be hard to pull off with limited draft ammunition. Stan Kroenke may have to write a fat check for the deal to happen.

This season was a pain. The move, Hard Knocks, starting 3-1, and having Jeff Fisher now seems all so distant, which is a signal of change and most importantly, hope.

Let’s hope the Rams get the next regime right, because everybody knows we haven’t been competitive in a long, long time.