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Arizona Cardinals 16, Los Angeles Rams 6: 2nd Half Open Thread

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

This is a quintessential Los Angeles Rams experience today, folks.

The defense is doing a solid job, holding the Cardinals to 6 points. Johnny Hekker has a 73 yard punt. Tavon Austin had a 38 yard scamper for a TD called back. Don’t forget the offense inevitably stalling as soon as they reach the red zone either.

But there have been positives. Chase Reynolds blocked a punt and though the offense didn’t do anything with that possession, they still were able to kick a FG. The offense has shown some concepts that have worked (the Pharoh Cooper pass isn’t one of them) and they’ve had bursts of yardage - albeit only on a single offensive drive.

That being said, they’re still losing by 10 but get the ball at the half. With luck, the offense can build on their successful drive and maybe keep this game competitive.

Also, apologies for botching the inactives earlier. Here’s THIS WEEK’S inactives if you care: