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2017 Los Angeles Rams Regular Season

Everything related to the Los Angeles Rams' 2017 season.

Rams-Eagles recap: Welcome

The Los Angeles Rams, and the Philadelphia Eagles, have arrived. The question is if the NFL is ready.

Rams-Eagles: Second half live thread

This is what top tier football is supposed to be.

Rams-Eagles: Live open thread

And now, we are here.

Rams-Eagles: Inactives

Here are the seven-man inactives for Week 14

Early game live thread

Here’s the early slate prior to Rams-Eagles.

Rams-Eagles: Final injury report

Two major gametime decisions for the Rams today on the defensive side.

Rams-Eagles Bold Predictions

Will this game be remembered as the defining moment where the NFL accepts Sean McVay as the coach of the year?

Week 14 broadcast map

Here's who's getting the Rams-Eagles game on their local broadcast channel.

FOX and Eagles fans are coming to LA in a major way

The Rams-Eagles game this weekend will be more than just a football game. It will be a spectacle.

Rams-Cardinals: 2nd down, second guessing

Taking care of business.

This stream has:

Rams-Eagles Week 14 Stream

The game of the year.

Is another NFL team going to hire a Rams coach?

Head Coach Sean McVay has assembled a thriving coaching staff in 2017. How long before other franchises come to poach some of its talent?

Featured Fanshot

Rams have lowest drop % in NFL

Rams pass-catchers are the league's surest-handed, with a league-leading 2.1% of dropped passes. QB Jared Goff clearly is throwing plenty of catchable balls, it would seem, and the running backs, receivers and tight-ends are making plays.

Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals: Rams rookie report for Week 13

In the Rams’ first winning season since 2003, the rookies have played a huge role including Sunday’s win in Phoenix.

Week 14 power rankings

Here’s how the major power rankings see the Rams as they head into the final quarter of the season with some major matchups on tap.

Rams-Cardinals: Expected/unexpected

The Rams’ biggest objective in their game against Arizona? Don’t screw it up. It was almost a failed mission, which was kind of surprising.

Week 13 playoff picture

Here’s how things look for the playoffs and where the LA Rams sit.

Rams-Cardinals: What we learned

The Rams swept the Cardinals and guaranteed a winning record on the same day...which means Bruce Arians can suck it.

Rams-Cardinals: PFF game notes

Here’s how PFF saw the Rams’ win over the Cardinals.

Week 13 NFC West roundup

The two top teams won important games to keep the status quo.

RVB returning to TSR Monday night

Have you missed former TST Managing Editor Ryan Van Bibber? Well miss him no more. The prodigal son returns tomorrow night.

Eagles-Seahawks: SNF live open thread

Tonight’s game has major implications for the Rams in their first winning season since 2003.

Rams-Cardinals recap: December dustup

The Rams handled business against the Cardinals to assure their first winning season since 2003.

Rams-Cardinals: Second half live thread

The Rams shot out to a quick 16-point lead. Then they surrendered nearly all of it.

Rams-Cardinals: Live open thread

Are the Rams able to maintain their focus on the task at hand?

Early game live thread

Here’s the early slate prior to Rams-Cardinals.

Week 13 broadcast map

Here's who's getting the Rams-Cardinals game on their local broadcast channel.

Rams-Cardinals: Scouting report

The Rams are in Phoenix for Week 13 for their second and final matchup of the season.

Rams-Cardinals: Film preview

Blaine Gabbert doesn’t have to be good (which he’s not). He just has to do enough.

Rams promote OLB Thompson, waive OLB Price

The Rams bulked up on the outside in preparation for the final quarter of the season.

Rams-Cardinals: Bold predictions

The Rams can’t shut out the Cardinals two times in one season, right? Wrong.

Featured Fanshot

PFF's top rookie WR: Cooper Kupp

The early returns on the Rams' third-round pick have been very positive.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay, LaFleur, Dec. 1

Here’s what the two offensive tutors had to say after practice today.

Rams-Cardinals: Final injury report

Who backs up Todd Gurley on Sunday?

Rams-Cardinals: Q&A preview

Getting the inside info from Revenge Of The Birds, the SB Nation community for Arizona Cardinals fans.

How to beat the Cardinals

It’s time to play like champions.