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2017 Los Angeles Rams Regular Season

Everything related to the Los Angeles Rams' 2017 season.

Rams-Titans: Final injury report

The Rams, despite some unfortunate mid-week news, remain one of the healthiest teams in the NFL.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay & LaFleur, Dec. 22

Here’s what the HC and OC had to say to the media today.

Staff picks: Rams at Titans

With a chance to win the NFC West crown, can the Rams get a much-needed road win in Tennessee this Sunday?

Former Rams coach says he & Jeff Fisher created 2017 success

Yes, Dave McGinnis says he and Jeff Fisher were the masterminds behind the NOW-good Rams.

Rams-Titans: Film preview

The Titans’ franchise QB was on fire in 2016, but this season has extinguished him and the Titans offense.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Phillips & Gurley, Dec. 21

Here’s what the three had to say as they get ready to head to Nashville.

Zuerlein had been in pain all season

Reporter Joe Curley has troubling info about what Zuerlein was going through last Sunday in Seattle.

How to beat the Titans

Play like champions!!!

Rams vs. Titans Bold Predictions: a messy win in Nashville

The LA Rams need a win on the road and the Titans aren’t exactly consistent, which is a recipe for disaster. Look for McVay to push Goff across the finish line.

The one thing I’d change about the 2017 Rams

SB Nation NFL Theme Week is a tough one for Rams fans if only because this year has been so, so, so, so good.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay & Goff, Dec. 20

Here’s what the two had to say after learning of the 2018 Pro Bowl rosters.

Greg Zuerlein placed on IR

Unfortunately for Zuerlein, the Rams will need to move forward without him.

This stream has:

Rams-Titans Week 16 Stream

The Rams head to Nashville with a chance to take the NFC West crown.

Gurley up for Week 15 FedEx Ground award

JTG is up for the NFL’s FedEx Ground Player of the Week award.

Gurley named NFC Offensive Player of the Week

JTG has picked up his second NFC OPOTW award of the year.

Featured Fanshot

Gurley talks RBs and Pro Bowl

Are you curious about which RB's Todd Gurley enjoys watching? Have a listen to Gurley's interview with the pro bowl captains.

Week 16 power rankings

Here’s how the major power rankings see the Rams with just two games remaining in the 2017 regular season.

Rams-Seahawks: Expected/unexpected

The biggest shocker of the game is probably the fact the Seahawks gave up before the game could get competitive.

Featured Fanshot

Goff gives his OL an early Xmas gift

OG Jamon Brown shows us all how much his QB cares this holiday season.

How the Rams clinch a playoff spot in Week 16

The Rams have all but clinched a playoff spot. Here's how they can do it this weekend.

Week 15 playoff picture

The Rams have all but punched their ticket to the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

Week 15 NFC West roundup: Los Angeles Rams take convincing lead

With the blowout victory in Seattle, the Rams have a vicegrip on the division crown.

Rams-Seahawks: Q&A preview

Getting the inside info from Field Gulls, the SB Nation community for Seattle Seahawks fans.

Rams-Seahawks Bold Predictions: Gurley unleashed

With a banged up defense, the Seahawks are going to get chewed up, spit out, then kicked into the Pacific Ocean.

The one player the Rams can’t afford to lose

The Rams can’t get to January football without this one guy.

This stream has:

Rams-Seahawks Week 15 Stream

It’s time to see who deserves the crown in the NFC West in 2017.

The penalty that changed the game

Not the best job, refs...

Turf Show Radio S9E22: Who's to blame ft. seattlerams

This week, we recap the devastating loss to the Eagles and discuss how the Rams stop Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

Week 15 power rankings

Here’s how the major power rankings see the Rams as they head off to Seattle.

Rams-Eagles: Expected/unexpected

The Rams-Eagles matchup reminded fans of both teams how a catastrophic injury can change the rest of the season.

Week 14 playoff picture

Here’s how things look for the playoffs and where the LA Rams sit.

TRANSCRIPT: McVay, Dec. 11

Here’s what McVay had to say after Sunday’s demoralizing loss.

Rams-Eagles: PFF game notes

Here’s how PFF saw the Rams’ loss to the Eagles.

Week 14 NFC West roundup

Despite the loss to Philadelphia Eagles, the Rams still pace the NFC West.

Rams rookie report for Week 14

The Rams fell a bit short but the rookies came to play a huge role in the competitive game.

TRANSCRIPT: Week 14 post-game media interviews

Here’s what the Rams had to say after the big Week 14 loss.