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Transcript: Rams HC Jeff Fisher On Week 1, Jethro Tull And Winning 11, 12 Games & Playoffs

Fish spoke on...a lot heading into the weekend.

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On what concerns him the most about the 49ers)

“They’re very well-coached. Their defensive side, they can be exotic at times, but they’re very sound. They’re gap-sound, they’re run-game sound. Look at the way Cleveland operated last year – they do a great job communicating on the defensive side. Offensively, they’re big up front, they can run it and they’re going to run it. They’ve averaged 184 yards a game rushing in the preseason and (49ers QB Blaine) Gabbert can extend plays. You have to play solid defense and get off the field. And then special-teams-wise, they’ve got good players, they have some good matchups that will be created this game.”

(On if the foundation comes down fundamentals just like any other game)

“It’s execution. You take the fundamentals for granted, but this is all about going out and executing and taking the stuff that we’ve done out here onto the field.”

(On if he has had weeks, as a head coach, where he has felt like the team was very ready and then they lost the upcoming game and vice versa or if he has a feeling about it this week)

“No, you don’t because it’s like if there’s a mistake in a Thursday practice or a Friday practice, you just correct it. You rather that it takes place during the week than on Sunday or Monday, so no. The same thing is the case with the pregame warm-ups – sometimes I, personally, will come in and say ‘I don’t know if these guys are ready to go’ and then we jump out to a 21-point lead. And then sometimes when you think they’re really going, then things don’t work out. It’s about being consistent, and that’s the thing. So the practice sessions need to be consistent. What you have to do is you have to set the bar in Week 1 and then make sure you get back there every week. And they’ve done that this week.”

(On if there is anything to being in the same time zone as the divisional opponents)

“Yes and then, again, as I said, I have an appreciation for what the other three division opponents have had to do over the years because we’re going to find out very full-well how difficult it is to go out and play at 10 AMyour time. But as far as the division is concerned, yeah, I think they’re probably glad that we came out here.”

(On if there has been anything in common once successful rookie running backs, like RB Todd Gurley, enter their second year)

“No, there’s no such thing as a ‘sophomore slump’ with running backs, that just doesn’t happen. It’s about, I would assume, that this thing’s going to get better and better, as we get better up front, for him and we’re able to stay in games and get the ball in his hands. I’ve never seen a ‘sophomore slump,’ as it relates to running backs.”

(On if he personally has any pregame rituals or superstitions)

“No. the Monday night thing is a little bit different in that it’s a long day. So we’re going to try to keep them calm. But personally, no, I pretty much follow the same routine and that’s prepare myself and get back in the rule book when I have got some time.”

(On if there’s a particular song he listens to before the game)

“There was in high school, but there isn’t now.”

(On what his song was in high school)

“I knew you guys would ask. You pick it – it was Jethro Tull, so you pick it.”

(On if Monday Night Football is still as big of a deal for him as it was in high school)

“It’s a big deal for them, it really is. For the next however many Mondays, they’re going to be watching the games – and so are Thursdays, for that matter because the guys watched the game last night. It is a big deal for the players. Coaches would prefer not to have Monday night games, because we’re going to jump right in to a short week next week. We don’t arrive until 2:30, 3:00 in the morning and we have to get going again. Coaches are creatures of habit and you just kind of like the normal game weeks. But it’s exciting, it’s exciting for the players. Things have changed, back in the day when Howard (Cosell) and Don (Meredith) and the rest of them were doing it, that was the only way you got to see highlights from the weekend, were halftime highlights. Now you get to see highlights moments after they happen.”

(On if there’s a sense of excitement with Todd Gurley getting a full workload as opposed to the limited carries he had in the preseason)

“Yeah, we did that on purpose. He looks great, he feels great and he’s ready to go. (RB) Benny (Cunningham) is going to play a little bit and you may even see (RB) Malcolm (Brown) in the game at times, but Todd is the workhorse now.”

(On if he has the same feeling as the players who have the feeling that the team is on the edge of being successful after winning three of the final four games in 2015)

“Their expectations are high, but they also understand the one-at-a-time thing. Like we say every year, you win 11 games or 12 games in a season and go to the playoffs, you can’t just come back the next year and escrow your success and expect to draw on it and go from there, you have to start over every year. That’s what we’ve done, we’ve started over with high expectations.”

(On what jumped out about LB Cory Littleton in rookie camp)

“Cory missed the rookie camp because of the quarter system. Cory really didn’t get to do much until he got to training camp – I think that speaks volumes for him because he had a short period of time and he showed us what he can do.”

(On what he tells players about recuperating from the short week)

“We’ve had the discussions from this standpoint. The things that you do from this evening through the game are going to carry over into next week. It’s the sleep, it’s the rest, it’s recovery, it’s diet, it’s all those things. and then we have to quickly get into the short-week routine where it’s all about recovery. And they all have different needs – some guys play 60 plays, some guys play 10 and some guys don’t play. They all have different needs, but we address them individually.”

Rams RB Todd Gurley

(On his thoughts about being named one of the team captains)

“It means a lot. Just for coach and the team to vote on me as a team captain. I’m honored. I’m going to take that role and try to lead this team as much as I can.”

(On if he knows how unusual it is for a player as young as he is to be named a team captain)

“Yeah, for sure, most definitely, most definitely.”

(On his concerns about increased playing time, after a lighter preseason load)

“I’m not too worried about it. I feel like my practice habits have been pretty good. Just as far as finishing my runs, and just out here every day going hard as much as possible. Once the game comes, I feel like I’ll be fine.”

(On his level of anxiety entering Monday night)

“I’m ready, I’m ready. Football is back. It started last night. Everybody is ready.”

(On if it was difficult sitting out the first game of last season)

“It was, but hopefully I have a long career. I have many more games to come, so I wasn’t worried about the first or second game.”

(On if he was on the sideline watching last year’s season opener)

“Yeah, I was still there.”

(On if he watched Monday Night Football growing up)

“No, I didn’t even know about Monday Night Football, probably not until I got to high school or college. But, I’m ready for it.”

(On if he enjoys being in the spotlight)

“Yeah, I love it, I love it. I love the big games, everybody is watching. That’s what we’re made for.”

(On if he did anything differently in the preseason to prepare himself for the workload he’s about to endure)

“I try to keep it the same. Just work a little harder. Obviously, this offseason, I was able to do a lot more than I was the past offseason, because of my knee. I was able to actually do extra, extra workouts, and stuff like that.”

(On his thought regarding taking on a heavy workload entering the season)

“It’s whatever. I’ve been running the ball my whole life, same thing.”

(On if he still has trouble with his knee)

“I still do a little maintenance stuff twice a week. Just make sure I get a couple extra strength exercises. But other than that, that’s about it.”

(On if people will see anything different from him this year, in comparison to last season)

“I can’t predict the future. We’ll see, we’ll see what happens when the season comes.”

(On if he has any pregame rituals or traditions he partakes in)

“I might listen to a couple old songs from high school, or something that I used to play before a Friday night game or a college game.”

(On what songs he listens to before games)

“Anything, honestly. Maybe like some old Wiz Khalifa, or old Lil Wayne. Just something to remind me of an old game or something like that.”

(On which Lil Wayne album is his favorite)

“I’m a Carter II type of guy.”

(On his thoughts regarding the 49ers defense)

“Obviously, their linebackers are great. They have some great linebackers; inside, outside, the interior. The defensive linemen are pretty good. I know they have a couple guys banged up, but it’s the first game of the year. They’re going to be ready to play as much as we are. Monday night, at their place; their definitely a great team for sure.”

(On his thought regarding LB NaVorro Bowman)

“It’s the best versus the best. Somebody got has to come out on top, somebody has to lose.”

(On how much pride he takes in his receiving skills/pass catching game)

“Yeah man, it’s about time for me to get a receiving touchdown this year. Hopefully I get at least one. So that’ll be an improvement from last year, for sure.”

(On if it’s his goal to notch a receiving touchdown this season)

“Yeah, yeah, most definitely; to at least get one”

(On if he watched last night’s game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers)

“I did. It was a good game, good game man.”

(On if watching the game last night inspires him, or if it’s just another game)

“No, it inspires me. Seeing what (Denver RB) C.J. (Anderson) did last night, it’s like, ‘Oh! He did that against the Super Bowl runner-up team.’ So, I’m excited to go out there and be able to try to run the ball just like he did last night.”

(On if he saw Denver LB Von Miller’s custom made ‘Yeezy’ cleats last night)

“I did. You know I’m a Nike guy so…I don’t care too much about Yeezy’s”