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Los Angeles Rams Release OL Garrett Reynolds from IR

This is a bit shocking

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Rams OL was riddled with injuries in 2015, Garrett Reynolds was a solid starter. He wasn't flashy, but he wasn't injured either. Unfortunately we can't say the same about him for the 2016 season. Reynolds was injured in the Rams preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but Jeff Fisher didn't go into too much detail. Now we know why.

This is a big blow for the depth of this OL. It was already an extremely young group and this removes one of the few veteran presences that were in place - not to mention their 6th lineman that could play both guard and tackle.

I'm not sure that the Rams have one player who could give the team what he did, but there are plenty of youthful bodies itching to fill this hole. Hopefully we don't have to watch OL topple like dominos in 2016, but if we do.... the Rams could be in trouble.