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TST Offseason Poll Round-Up

This offseason, we dropped a couple of Twitter polls to see what YOU, the LA Rams fans, think on a variety of topics. Let’s dissect the results.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hard Knocks is now over. Training camp is now over. The preseason is now over.

We sit here counting down to REAL MEANINGFUL FOOTBAW with a chance to look back on some Twitter polls we gave y’all this offseason.

POLL #1: Free Agency

The Rams decided not to sign any of those players, with Mack headed to the Falcons and Griffin headed to the Browns. Instead, the Rams signed Quinton Coples (released), Dominique Easley (promising interior player) and some depth guys.

In the draft, the Rams added a QB (Jared Goff) to quench the desire for Griffin, but did not add a new center after signing Tim Barnes to a 2-year extension.

POLL #2: Wide Receiver Clusterf**k

So, this poll went the OPPOSITE of what y’all wanted.

We were correct in assuming Austin, Britt, Cooper, Marquez and Thomas were safe. But, after a promising start, Williams failed to stand out during preseason and was cut.

Spruce and Quick made the team, with Spruce having a solid first preseason game before being hobbled by a knee injury. Quick is still Quick right now.

POLL #3: Robert Quinn Prognosticating

Robert Quinn sat out the first three preseason games, and then showed some solid burst in the fourth preseason game. He looks fully healthy again, after missing the final 8 games last year with a back issue and finishing with 5 sacks.

I think 10+ sacks is readily attainable, if he and Aaron Donald stay healthy. Coming close to 19 sacks, as he had in 2013, might be pushing it since we don’t know if he can regain his form.

POLL #4: Tyler the Creator

Higbee came out of the gates in the first preseason game like he knew what he was doing, catching almost everything thrown at him and creating mismatches for the secondary. He says he has the mentality of a WR, switching to TE after he came to Western Kentucky University.

This prompted Todd Gurley to label Higbee as “Little Baby Gronk”. Seeing as how this is already copyrighted by Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, as well as Rob Gronkowski’s little brother Glenn, we thought it only fair to propose a different nickname.

Tyler, the Creator, can ring true throughout the Coliseum assuming he, yannow, creates touchdowns.

POLL #5: Brian Quick’s 9 Lives

I don’t really have to go into this. He made the team, to the surprise of... well... 77% of us. This could change once Cooper and Spruce are back.

POLL #6: These Guys Need a Big Leap (Not Off A Cliff)

It’s clear that the Rams are expecting big things out of Tavon Austin, having extended him for 4 years and $42 million. Coach Jeff Fisher went on record about how he expected Austin to catch 100 balls, only to have Austin question it.

Greg Robinson is a player that SB Nation’s Stephen White is expecting to break out this year, if he could only harness his power and play controlled after his kick step. Robinson also worked with guru LeCharles Bentley this offseason.

Between Austin and Robinson, those are two top-10 picks that need to emerge as reliable players every single game.

POLL #7: Keenum’s Passing Proclivity

You wanted me to put “7-9” as an option, but that was implied. We’ll get other chances to atone for this lack of foresight.

The most passes Keenum had last season, under the same offense was, 37 (also vs. the 49er’s), which is an astronomical number. The Rams were without Todd Gurley, and decided to throw it all over the yard.

Otherwise, the pass attempts were: 26, 22, 17, and 23. So, I think with a healthy Gurley, Keenum will probably be somewhere in the low 20’s. I repeat: this is the same offense.

POLL #8: Wherefore Art Thou, Jared Goff?

You were all over the map, which is good. 30% of you are fine with it, either because you trust the regime, are just happy for LA Rams football, or both. That’s ok, you are entitled to your feelings.

The other 70% of you are more worried about how this will affect the Rams’ season. Time will tell. I’m in the 26%, because I think the Rams can win consistently with Keenum and have a recipe for it: luck, grit and Tim Barnes recovering fumbles.