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Random Ramsdom 9/6: Rams Return to Cal Lutheran, Odds of Making the Playoffs, & Monday’s Player Interviews

NFL: St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Rams News & Notes: First Day at Cal Lutheran | Rams’ Official Site

The Rams have seemingly trained and practiced all over Southern California since the offseason began in mid-April. But they are now entrenched at their facility for the next few years at Cal Lutheran, where the team took the field for the first time on Monday.

Goff’s 2016 Preseason Highlights (VIDEO) | NFL (via YouTube)

Check out highlights from Jared Goff's 2016 preseason.

Rams Will Struggle to Make Playoffs In Tough Division | ESPN

ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez takes a look at why the Rams will - and won’t - make the playoffs in 2016, as well as provide game-by-game predictions.

Against All Odds, Rams Could Get Back to .500 | ESPN

As if making the transition back to Los Angeles weren’t enough, the Rams face an exhausting regular-season travel schedule, with one trip to London and five others to the eastern half of the United States.

Ayers’ Release Could Leave A Younger LB to Take His Place | L.A. Times

Less than a week before the season opener against the San Francisco 49ers, the Rams suddenly have another question mark.

Rams Have a Good Chance to Open With a Win Against 49ers | Today’s Pigskin

Los Angeles Rams coach, Jeff Fisher, stood in front of his then 90-man congregation during the opening episode of "Hard Knocks" and explained to them that a 7-9 recordwon’t cut it this season.

Rams Settling Into Their Latest "Home" at Cal Lutheran | L.A. Daily News

A little old, mixed with a little new. Rams players dressed Monday at their old locker stalls, imported from Missouri.

Demoff Helped Guide Rams Back to L.A. Home | O.C. Register

After months of meetings, meals and planning sessions came one moment of tranquility for Kevin Demoff. It occurred, of all places, on a Los Angeles freeway before the Rams’ preseason opener against Dallas.

Rams’ Faithful Fans Relish Return to L.A. | Wall Street Journal

The "Big Seed" is back. He is Lance Goldberg, a Los Angeles Rams fan so devoted he wore a scooped-out watermelon painted team colors on his head during the 1980s and 1990s, when the football team was in Southern California.

Rams Giving Haters Plenty of Reasons to Smile | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As jilted fans you certainly can lash out against the sheer incompetence of Kroenke’s regime and his tactless departure. Cheering against the Rams is a healthy way to blow off steam and vent your spleen.

ICYMI at Turf Show Times

Should the Rams Swap Zuerlein for Gould?

Greg Zuerlein was not reliable in 2015. Should the Rams move on to a more established kicker?

Jeff Fisher Approval Poll

With less than a week away from the Rams first meaningful game of 2016, and with the number one overall picked dubbed QB3, what’s your take on Jeff Fisher?

Goff Isn’t Even the Best Rookie QB

Now with the preseason done and over with, let's look at the performance of Jared Goff and examine how he has looked compared to other rookie QB's.

Grading the Rams Final 53 Projection

Taking a look at how things shaped up after 3k’s final roster projection late last week.


Rams Camp Wired: Jared Goff

Aaron Donald Press Conference, 9/5

Tavon Austin Press Conference, 9/5

Alec Ogletree Press Conference, 9/5

Rodger Saffold Press Conference, 9/5

Willam Hayes Press Conference, 9/5

Rob Havenstein Press Conference, 9/5