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LA Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Week 1

Welp. The #1 overall pick is benched and the roster is set. Weigh in!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After the first round of cuts, you weighed in with your opinion of Jeff Fisher. Heading into the season, Rams fans produced a fairly well rounded bell curve for their head coach. Take a look at the final tallies from last week.

That's a pretty predictable distribution heading into the season - as it should be. You have optimists and pessimists, but a new season inspires hope. That being said, there have been some significant developments with the Rams over the past couple of days.

1) The Rams lost their preseason finale to the Vikings
2) #1 Pick Jared Goff is your 3rd string QB
3) The Rams trimmed some significant names in their roster cuts

The loss doesn't bother me and neither do any of the roster cuts, but Goff not starting burns me. If you're going to trade a bevy of picks for a QB, you better be damned sure he's going to improve your team. This is magnified by Carson Wentz becoming the starter in Philly after the Sam Bradford trade.

But it's not my voice that matters here.... this is your forum

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd VOTE!