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Veterans The LA Rams Could Target To Add To 53-Man Roster

With NFL teams finalizing their first 53-man roster, the Rams could pick up these veterans to help the team for Week 1.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Across the NFL, all 32 teams made difficult decisions regarding their team. Hundreds of players have been released as NFL teams completed the construct of their 53-man roster. Just because a team has their roster finished right now does not mean that there will not be any further changes.

The players listed might not be as sexy, but another team’s trash could be the Rams treasure.

OG Josh Sitton, Green Bay Packers

One of the biggest shocks on Saturday was Sitton being released. Sitton was performing at a high level, finishing 2015 as the fifth-best guard according to Pro Football Focus.

Unless there are injury concerns that the Packers have not unveiled, the only possible reason could be salary cap concerns - he was set to make north of $6 million this season, which is also the final year of his contract.

WR Justin Hunter, Tennessee Titans

Whenever a team releases a young player before they have completed their third season in the league it raises eyebrows.

Hunter has not impressed since he was drafted by the Titans in 2014. If/when the Rams release WR Brian Quick, Hunter would be a good addition. Plus with Hunter being two years younger than Quick, Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher might have a good time trying to help Hunter progress since Quick couldn’t.

LB Arthur Brown, Baltimore Ravens

If you were not a part of “draft twitter” during Browns’ draft class, you might not know how highly spoken of Brown was. He was poised to be the successor of Ray Lewis. Instead, he only has 17 tackles to his name.

Could he regain the potential that made him a second-round pick? It is a long shot, but a move to a 4-3 and playing on the outside might help him.

LB Manny Lawson, Buffalo Bills

If the Rams need a veteran linebacker, they could benefit from Manny Lawson being released by the Bills. Lawson has experience playing as a 4-3 DE and a 3-4 outside linebacker.

Apparently, Lawson is potentially facing a one-game suspension and dealing with a pectoral injury. The Rams will be able to give their young backers a chance and then pursue him.