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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Week 4

The Rams are over .500! But do fans still want Fisher fired?

Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

Since I'm lagging behind a few days here.... let's start with a recap from our week 2 Jeff Fisher approval poll.

JFAP Week 2 Results

It's definitely an improvement over the results after the Week 1 debacle in San Francisco, but nearly half of Rams fans still wanted Fisher canned following the win over the Seahawks. Fast forward another week (and a half), and trends are emerging.

JFAP Week 3 Chart

Keeping in mind that the polls line up with the previous week's game, two clear factions have emerged: Fans who want Fisher gone as long as mediocrity continues... and everyone else.

It's easy to understand why the 'Fire Fisher' crowd is shrinking. Winning games solves a lot of issues. What is more interesting to me is that there's no clear differentiation between everyone else. The simplest takeaway from this is that while Fisher is losing detractors, he isn't necessarily turning those into supporters either.

Let's see what a 2-1 record does for his approval ratings.....