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Los Angeles Rams At Arizona Cardinals, Week 4 Predictions

The Turf Show Times’ staff make their prediction for Week 4’s Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals matchup

St Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams, who currently own the top spot in the NFC West, will head to Glendale in Week 4 to take on the Arizona Cardinals.

The Rams (2-1) are fresh off a waning-moments victory against the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Cardinals (1-2), however, are returning home from a disappointing trip in which they lost to the Buffalo Bills.

The Cardinals have won four out of the last five in the series, with the Rams lone win coming in Arizona last season.

Do the Rams have what it takes to make it two straight in Arizona? The Turf Show Times’ staff make their predictions...

RamBuck (@lannyosu)

To get the Rams' score, I averaged the last two weeks (37 and 9). To get the Cardinals' score, I took the Rams' score and subtracted by one. Because no one really knows how to predict this team.

Prediction: Rams win, 23-22

BMule (@_BMule)

It's been a weird, fun season so far. Just last week the Rams crossed off two firsts under Jeff Fisher, winning in week 3 and obtaining a 2-1 record. They get a chance at another first if they can hand Bruce Arians' Cardinals a back to back loss. They've never had a second straight loss come at home. Tavon Austin will have two touchdowns again in Arizona for a week 4 matchup, Arizona will continue to be frustrated and yes that's the same exact score from last year's win. A win will mark the first time Jeff Fisher has led the Rams to two games over .500 at any point in any season. Let's get weird.

Prediction: Rams win, 24-22

QBKlass (@QBKlass)

The NFC West has already cannibalized itself this year, so if that trend continued this week and the Rams came out on top, I wouldn't be too shocked. That being said, being at .750 is not the Jeff Fisher way. The Cardinals have the home field advantage and need the win as they currently stand at 1-2, including a miserable loss to the Buffalo Bills. The "X" factor to this game is whether or not Carson Palmer looks like a shell of his 2015 self, but so long as he avoids a meltdown, the Cardinals should be victorious.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 20-13

Elijah Kim (@TST_Eli)

The Rams travel to Phoenix to take on the 1-2 Arizona Cardinals. After weathering the storm (pun intended) in Tampa Bay, the Rams visit the Cardinals atop the NFC West, displaying three different teams so far this season. The Cardinals, 1-2, are coming off an unusually horrendous game, losing to the previously winless Buffalo Bills. Carson Palmer struggled mightily in the game, allowing the the Bills to emerge victorious in one of the biggest head-scratchers of Week 3. Look for Carson Palmer, David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Co. to get things right in this home game to put both AZ and LA at Fisherball levels, 2-2.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 28-17

Eric Nagel (@Eric_nagel)

I've predicted the Rams to lose the last two games and they've won. I either am on to something, or I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm rolling with both again this week.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 16-13

Mike Dietrich (@dvond)

The Rams actually match up pretty nicely with the Cardinals, but they’ve been traveling a lot over the past three weeks, they’re playing in the heat for third consecutive time, and Arizona is playing for their season. I see Jeff Fisher going for two when up six, and not getting it. Carson Palmer scores the game tying TD with 30 seconds left, and the kicker makes the XP to win the game.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 21-20

seattlerams (@seattlerams)

The Cardinals have a problem at both C and RG, which should lead to a big game for Aaron Donald. With that said, the Cards certainly do not want to drop two games behind the Seahawks in the NFCW, which should bring their best effort out this weekend. Also, Bruce Arians > Jeff Fisher and David Johnson > Rams LB’s which leads me to believe that Arizona bounces back at home this weekend.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 24-10

EddieP (@iAmEddieP_)

The Rams are who we think they are. Keenum was not able to surpass the 200-yard mark - putrid for a starting NFL quarterback. Gurley averaged just above three yards per carry in his best game of this early season. This type of output will not be able to win.

Poor Rams defense. They better be building up their stamina. They're going to be on the field for a whole lot of time.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 31-10

Tevin Broner (@T_Bron)

Gurley finally gets back on track with more than 100 yards and two touchdowns. The defense sets the offense up for a touchdown throw. Rams find a way to escape wth a win.

Prediction: Rams win, 21-17

DouglasM (@thenovelroad)

In the land of Sun… That’s it - just Sun. At night - in Phoenix, Arizona - you feel the Sun’s remnant effects, and the foreboding of the coming heat of the day to come…

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“How in hell did you get tickets? I’ve been trying for a week…” The bartender grumbled.

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Brandon shrugged, then looked at me. “So who’s going to win this Sunday?”

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About a mile or two down the road - the Yugo making a steady 1 knot toward the now miserably hot setting Sun – I put my blinker on and pulled to the curb. I walked to the back of the car, where Brandon lay panting; half on the trunk, and half off. He slowly stood up, and I looked at him for a second. “Have you lost weight?”

Prediction: Rams win, 2-0

misone (@MightyOrMisone)

The Cardinals are struggling mightily right now and it's in large part due to the poor play of Carson Palmer. But the Rams secondary has sucked and he could very bounce back this week. The Rams pass rush has been inconsistent and there's really no telling what to expect against an equally inconsistent Cardinals offensive line. However, this is still the team that prefers Fisher ball over anything else. And they're likely done with winning ways for the moment. The Cardinals have had the Rams number in the division. When they win it's decisive. Much like how the Rams have the Seahawks number. The Cardinals tend to beat the hell out of the Rams when they win and the Rams usually barely edge one out. However, the Cardinals defense has been suspect and aren't really doing much. Patrick Peterson is taking care of business but he's the only player. The offense could very well have a repeat performance from last week. But I don't trust the play calling to be that good in back to back weeks. Should be a halfway decent game, but the Rams will likely lose because of the defenses inability to stop David Johnson. His yards from scrimmage may very well be in the neighborhood 150+.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 33-26

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

Carson Palmer looked horrible last week against Buffalo, but that seems to be a fluke. In the Cardinals first two games Palmer had 5 TDs and ZERO picks. The Rams secondary looked over-matched against the Buccaneers and I'm not sure they will fare much better in Arizona.

Sure, the Rams put up 37 points last week, but the Offense still managed to look pretty brutal for most of the afternoon. The Cardinals boast one of the top defenses in the NFL and I don't expect the Rams to come anywhere close to matching their week 3 output. This is going to be another one of Jeff Fisher's patented NFC West slugfests.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 16-12

3k (@3k_)

These last couple queries, though, while sincere, obviously involve much larger and more abstract questions about the connections (if any) between aesthetics and morality, and these questions lead straightaway into such deep and treacherous waters that it’s probably best to stop the public discussion right here. There are limits to what even interested persons can ask of each other.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 41-13

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Simply put, I think the Cardinals are a very good football team that hasn’t been playing well, and I think Bruce Arians is pissed off after a 1-2 start to the season. For those reasons, I think the Cardinals are fired up on Sunday and both teams walk away 2-2 on the year.

Prediction: Cardinals win, 24-13