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LA Rams WR Tavon Austin’s Instagram Suggests Arm Injury

Is the Rams’ speedster hurt?

In an Instagram story post yesterday, Los Angeles Rams WR Tavon Austin was seen wearing a sling:

Los Angeles Rams WR Tavon Austin
Tavon Austin Arm Sling - Instagram

There’s no word from the team on anything official. Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher didn’t allude to it in his day-after press conference or his remarks after practice today (transcript coming soon).

Austin wasn’t included in the injury report headed into the Week 3 contest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so it wasn’t an aggravation of a pre-existing injury to public knowledge.

There are two ways to digest this one. Either this is a serious issue that we’re going to focus on starting with the initial Week 4 injury report ahead of the Rams’ trip to face the Arizona Cardinals, or it’s a preventative measure that is more for between-game reconditioning.

Instagram, like most social media platforms, isn’t readily available for nuance and context. So be it.

As it stands, there’s a massive question heading into the injury narrative for Week 4.