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How The Rams’ Outlook Has Changed After 37-32 Buccaneers Win

Putting things in perspective after yesterday’s win.

Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley
Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are 2-1.

Just let it sink in. Bask in it. It’s been way, way, way, way too long.

Here’s how things look as we head into October.


Here was the injury report heading into Week 3:

Los Angeles Rams

Name POS Injury Wed. Status Thu. Status Fri. Status Game Status
Maurice Alexander S Thigh Limited Limited Limited Questionable
Benny Cunningham RB Knee Limited Limited Limited Questionable
E.J. Gaines CB Thigh Limited Limited Limited Questionable
Lamarcus Joyner CB Toe Limited Limited Limited Questionable
Pharoh Cooper WR Shoulder Limited Limited Limited Doubtful
Nelson Spruce WR Knee Limited Limited Limited Doubtful

We know DE William Hayes is getting added to that list. With WR Pharoh Cooper, WR Nelson Spruce and CB E.J. Gaines approaching playable status, this is perhaps the best space for the Rams to be in on the injury front all year.

Performance Issues

If the narrative after two weeks focused on the Rams’ lack of touchdowns, that can put aside for at least a week. Five TDs, one coming from the defense, is a fair way to put that to bed.

I think if anything, the performance summary this week is one of confusion. Three weeks, and three completely disparate performances. Which is the 2016 Rams’ actual defense? And is there a fourth offense out there in the vale of shadows where Todd Gurley runs for more than 100 yards at a decent yards per rush clip?

Think of the performance narrative coming out of 2015. Case Keenum isn’t bad! Todd Gurley’s a once-in-a-generation running back! Greg Zuerlein sucks!

Then, without changing anything, 2016 came in and blew all that out of the water.

See you after Week 4, 2016 Rams performance narrative, you weirdo.


2016 NFC West Standings - Week 3
2016 NFC West Standings - Week 3



Starting the Rams’ road run with a win in Tampa was a huge, huge boon for the early returns. Had the Rams opened 1-2 heading to Arizona with just one game in the Coliseum between September 18 and November 6...well, let’s just say it’s good thing they didn’t.

Four games separate the Rams from their 2016 bye week: at Arizona, home for Buffalo, at Detroit and then the trip to London to face the New York Giants. The first three are all sitting at 1-2 while the Giants match the Rams’ 2-1 record.

This Cardinals game is unmistakably pivotal. The Rams now either jump to 3-1 and some discussions we haven’t sincerely had under Jeff Fisher (don’t you start throwing the p-word out until late October) or they’re back to 2-2 and we’re talking mediocrity again.

It’s not a favorable run in to the rest week (and coming out of it to face Carolina before taking three road games out of the next four isn’t the best either), but having just picked up their first road win of 2016, the Rams have helped the suggestion that the unlikely remains possible.